Process and Disciplinary Procedures

It has been recognized that due process in higher education disciplinary matters does not parallel the requirements of due process in a court of law. The College shall attempt to handle disciplinary matters privately, informally and expeditiously before resorting to formalized procedures or the use of outside agencies. However, the College ensures that the rudimentary requirements of due process in academic disciplinary matters will be implemented.

These requirements are:

  1. Written notification of charges and possible penalties within a reasonable time period.
  2. The opportunity to have a hearing or to waive the right to a hearing and accepting the penalties imposed.
  3. The opportunity to have a discussion to clarify evidence and/or view of an incident before an initial determination is made by a hearing officer.
  4. Written notification of the time, place and date of the hearing at least three working days in advance.
  5. The opportunity to present evidence and witnesses.
  6. Written notification of findings and sanctions or penalties imposed based on a preponderance of evidence presented verbally or in writing.
  7. Written notification of an appeal process.

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