Suspension of a student will be invoked when more serious violations of the disciplinary code occur or when the conditions of disciplinary probation are disregarded.
Suspension is carried out only on the basis of the recommendation of the Student Conduct Committee and with the approval of the Dean of Enrollment Development and Student Affairs. Suspension is applied for a given period of time, and the term is specified to the student.
A student suspended from the College forfeits all rights and privileges of a student, including all college-related or college sponsored functions. All suspension actions will be noted in the student’s record.
Any student may be summarily suspended by the Director of Student Life and Activities for a period not to exceed ten (10) College working days during which the Student Conduct Committee will convene.
In the event of any appeal of the Student Conduct Committee decision, the Director of Student Life and Activities may suspend a student or continue any previous suspension until the disposition of the appeal.

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