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Should I delete my browser history?

When you browse the web, the web browser keeps a record of the sites you have visited and actions taken on that site. The browser history records the website addresses, temporary Internet files, cookies, and information that you have entered in certain websites—such as your name and address. Cookies are tiny data files that store information about your custom website settings.

This compilation of data may include a significant amount of personal information about you. The data includes websites addresses, viewing preferences and personal information such as passwords and your name (note: if you have selected the option the remember those items).

Hackers and viruses can access your browsing history obtain valuable information from it if they get access to your computer. Companies can also use such information to track your online habits to create focused advertisements for you.

You don’t have to delete your history if you don’t want to, but experts recommend that you delete your history any time you use a public computer. If you don’t, whoever uses the computer after you can see exactly where you have been, as well as possible personal information.


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