Office of Information Technology

Who We Are

About the Office of Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is responsible to guide, assess, plan, develop and execute state of the art information technologies in support of all academic disciplines and administrative functions as outlined in the Information Technology Strategic Plan.

The OIT mission is to support Brookdale Community College (BCC) staff in the use of current technologies that will enhance and strengthen the teaching/learning process. In practical terms, OIT has a responsibility to support the current technology at BCC while planning and implementing continuing evolution in technology.

Brookdale Community College Information Technology Strategic Plan 2012-2015

OIT 2014-2015 Annual Report

Information Technology Leadership

Camille Shelley Executive Director, OIT
Mohammad Rahman Technical Director 732-224-2840
George Sotirion Project Manager 732-224-2704
Cindy Yerves Administrative Assistant 732-224-2665


Lynn Tirado Director 732-224-2866
Linda Bernabeu Technical Trainer 732-224-2805
Jean Breslin Programmer Analyst II 732-224-2024
Thomas Kim Programmer Analyst Sr. 732-224-2419
Rey Nanda Programmer Analyst Sr. 732-224-2325
George Neureuther Programmer Analyst II 732-224-1844


Jack Branin Network Manager 732-224-2042
Rich Capenegro Network System Admin 732-224-2808
Tamer Fahmy Network System Admin 732-224-2078
John Perciballi Network System Admin 732-224-2822


Jennifer Carrozzelli Telecommunications Manager 732-224-2833
Jane Glazewski PBX Operator 732-224-2456
Margaret Kudrel PBX Operator 732-224-2399

User Services

Joe Glazewski User Services Manager 732-224-2828
Kenneth Angrason Tech Support Specialist 732-224-1917
Chris Boehmer Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2997
Andy Cymmer Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2316
Dennis Drake Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2190
Dennis Glick Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2790
Joe Hughes Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2630
Will Mikolajczak Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2810
Keith Post Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2120
Mariyln Raymond Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2797
John Venta Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2322
Alexis Zarow Tech Support Specialist 732-224-2327