The Brookdale Brand

Our sign at Brookdale at Long Branch

What is a brand identity, and why is it important?

A brand identity is the sum total of everything we do to present ourselves to the public. It includes both visual and verbal components.  While it’s common to think only of our visual identity when we talk about our brand, branding also includes the language we use to describe ourselves and the tone we use to say it.

Our publics – students, staff, community members, potential donors, business contacts and others – usually recognize us first and foremost by elements of our visual brand. This includes:

  • our logo and logotype
  • our colors (the Brookdale red and blue)
  • images of the campus and students that we use consistently
  • the way in which these elements appear in print and on the web

We use this identity to convey, through a combination of symbols, colors and images, the nature of our uniqueness in a way not possible by the use of words alone.

We also communicate our brand through use of words – especially with slogans like “Success starts at Brookdale” and “I got my start at Brookdale.” We sometimes tie a distinction – like “New Jersey’s #1 Associate Degree College” to our publications to expand viewers’ perceptions of the College. We also communicate consistently in how we refer to parts of Brookdale, whether it is our regional locations, academic departments, or administrative units.

Why is this important to you? Every day, people around the county and state see materials from Brookdale: advertisements, catalogs, brochures, posters, playbills, invitations, billboards, signage, apparel and imprinted gift items. Each of these gives not only information about Brookdale, but conveys an image of who we are. Depending on how this message is perceived, our reputation is either strengthened or weakened.

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