New Website: The Numbers

March 5, 2014 Update

The new site has been live for three months; it now has 1,276 pages.  We tracked usage from February 1 – March 5, 2014. 



The top 20 pages that users visited in that time period.  


The first two most-visited pages may be accounted for by staff and students accessing Webadvisor, Employee Directory, Portal Log In and E-Mail, and residents looking for employment opportunities. 

The next most most popular page hits show predicable interest from current and potential students looking for information about spring and summer term dates, admissions, contacts at the college, specific programs, testing and similar – as noted in 2011’s Website Assessment Study. 

User Feedback.  

To date, 89 site visitors have completed the “New Website User Feedback Form.”  Some sample comments, many of which appear more than once:

Live chat would be useful in case users still can’t find what they need.
Allow user to close the “Alert” at the top, once viewed.
Looks great on my iPad.
Can’t find the Webadvisor link.
It’s too simple.
Need the “Search for Classes” link to come back.
Direct link to Webadvisor please.
I like the color scheme and it’s easy to find what I need. Good job!
Live chat.
Rollovers are too sensitive.
Parents? Why Parents?
Add the Calendar to the homepage.
How do I access my course schedule?
Bring back the Quicklinks.
If mouse isn’t in the exact spot, the menu folds up.
Love it! The old website was hard to navigate.
The new website looks terrible. It reads like an advertisement.
Like the old format much better.
I like the website look, and especially the colors.
There is an alert notification at the top of the screen that cannot be closed. It is distracting.
I think the new website is beautiful and it looks much better on my smartphone.
Looks awesome!!! I really love the new look. Great job.
Had a hard time to find where the Webadvisor link is now.
I love the new website!
Thrilled that you put an LMS sign in on the homepage! What a time saver.
I don’t care for the layout in general.

Feedback containing important objections (“I can’t find Webadvisor”) that came in repeatedly was addressed by the team within the first ten days after launch.  Although initial feedback has slowed, the Feedback Form is still online here and entries are continually read and considered. 

Contact Us.

The Contact Us form on the new website was, for want of a better expression, “slammed” during the site’s first two months. Although these forms were going to Recruitment due to most being admissions-related, hundreds of general inquiries were coming in from all over the world.

Within the first month, an Is Your Question Answered Here? FAQ was developed with the help of Recruitment’s Reve Anderko, and was added to the Contact Us page. It has already proved very effective in directing users’ inquiries to the right people and departments at Brookdale.

Please help us refine the Contact Us FAQ by viewing it here