Glossary of Terms

Social Networking/Social Media
Social Networking (Social Media) is the term used to explain interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas online in virtual communities and networks.

A popular internet trend.

Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the Internet, with over 1 billion active users globally. Facebook allows members to share information, pictures, and videos, while partnering with other social networking sites. Brookdale’s Facebook Page:

Facebook Profile
A summary page about an individual. Profiles are not used for companies, organizations, or groups. Profiles are used to represent an individual person.

Facebook Page
A summary page about an organization, company, or group. This is often used for branding or as an extension of a website to update the public on information, events, or activities related to that particular organization, company, or group.

A timeline is a series of posts on an individual’s profile or on an organization’s page.

A post is a published message to a Facebook page or profile timeline. It is the sharing of status updates, information, pictures, videos, and other websites.

Friends are other individuals that follow your profile or page.

A newsfeed is the Facebook welcome screen that shows recent posts and updates from your friends profiles.

A share is distributing a published post on another profile or page to your profile or page.

A tag is labeling another person or page in a post. For example, John Smith can be tagged in Jane Doe’s picture because he is also in that photo.

Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging site. Users can send and read text-based messages, known as “tweets”. Brookdale’s Twitter Feed:

Tweets are text based messages that can only be up to 140 characters long. These messages are viewed by Twitter followers.

Followers are other individuals that subscribe to your Twitter feed.

A retweet is when someone shares your exact tweet with their Twitter followers.

When someone posts a tweet, you can “favorite” it. That tweet is then stored permanently on the individual’s page.

Hashtags are trending topics and items on Twitter.

A reply is when you answer someone’s tweet with a direct non-confidential answer.

DM or Direct Message
A DM is a private message that can only be seen by the party who sent it and who it is being sent to.

YouTube is a video-sharing social networking website which users can upload, view, and share videos. Brookdale’s YouTube Account:

A tag categorizes similar items into like categories.

Views are the total number of individuals that have seen a particular video.

Instagram is an online photo-sharing and social networking service that allows users to take pictures, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook or Twitter. Brookdale’s Instagram Feed: @BrookdaleCCNews or

Hashtag is a way to keep track of trends on Instagram.

LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site used to network with employers, job seekers, alumni, co-workers, and business professionals. Brookdale’s LinkedIn Company Page:

SmugMug is a digital photo sharing website. Brookdale’s SmugMug Site: