Social Media Guidelines

Social media at Brookdale Community College is an interactive communication vehicle that connects and shares information and news about the College with students, staff, faculty, alumni, partners, and the community.

At Brookdale, we recognize that social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become an important and influential communication channel for our community. We support the use of social media by members of the Brookdale community as a way to facilitate effective communication. To assist in posting content and managing these sites, the College has developed guidelines for official and personal use of social media. These guidelines apply to students, faculty, and staff, and can be used in connection with social media accounts associated with departments, programs, and offices at Brookdale.

Guidelines for Affiliated Social Media Sites

The following guidelines serve as a starting point for anyone interested in creating a Brookdale related social media feed. It is also a reference for those managing existing feeds, so that Brookdale’s efforts in social media communications are as consistent as possible. Before submitting a request to create a new social media presence for your department, activity, or organization, consider whether you would be better served by working with the College Relations department to utilize Brookdale’s primary social media sites. By creating your own site, you should be prepared to monitor and update it frequently. Brookdale affiliated social media sites are considered an extension of the official website.

Support the mission.

  • All Brookdale affiliated sites must support the College’s mission, goals, and programs.

Obtain permission.

  • Prior to engaging in any form of social media involving Brookdale, you must receive permission from your supervisor, department head, or club advisor.
  • Make an official request to College Relations by emailing the social media administrator at If approved, you can move forward with creating the site.

Use Brookdale email.

  • Use your Brookdale email address to set up a social media site related to the College.

Update sites frequently.

  •  Appropriate content, interaction, and engagement are essential to creating a successful social media site.

Be mindful.

  • Remember, when using a social media channel on behalf of the College, you are representing Brookdale. Since you are representing the College, do not subscribe to causes, petitions, or other Facebook Application extensions or participate in popular internet memes/trends unless your receive approval from your department head and the Social Media Administrator.

Remain confidential.

  •  Confidential or proprietary college information should not be shared publicly on any social media channels.

Exercise discretion.

  •  Respect your colleagues, associates, College supporters, and the community (i.e.: social media fans or followers).

Please be aware that acceptable content may be positive or negative regardless of whether it is favorable or unfavorable of Brookdale. However, language that is illegal, obscene, defamatory, threatening, infringing of intellectual property, invasive of privacy, profane, threatening, hateful or embarrassing to any person or entity is unacceptable and will be removed, and depending upon the severity, may lead to disciplinary action.

Brookdale does not endorse or take responsibility for content posted by third parties.



The keys to success in social media are being honest about who you are, being thoughtful before you post, respect the purpose of the community where you are posting, and be relevant. If you are given permission to create a social media feed on behalf of Brookdale Community College, always consider the following.

  • Think before you post
  • Be appropriately transparent
  • Be accurate
  • Be respectful
  • Be a valued member
  • Consider your audience
  • Respect college time and property
  • Be a leader
  • “Like” or “Follow” other Brookdale Community College social media feeds
  • Create and engage in conversations with the community, fans, and followers
  • Post events, comments, questions, etc. to other Brookdale social media feeds


Establishing a Social Media Site on Behalf of the College

Social media sites require time and energy. These sites require a good amount of attention to create, update, and monitor. Followers and/or fans expect fresh and engaging content and conversation. Sites that lack these elements will not be successful. If you wish to create a social media site or if you have an existing site on behalf of the College, the following strategy will assist you.

Identify Purpose and Goals

  • Success is ensuring that you have a clear purpose before diving into social media. It is important to determine if and how a social media channel will fit in with your current communication tool(s).

Choose a Social Media Platform

  • Social media isn’t right for every department, activity, or club. Evaluate whether you would reach your audience best by using either Brookdale’s official social media sites or your own department/organization page. If you believe creating your own social media site will best fit your goals, contact your department administrator for approval and the Social Media Administrator at
  • If you are approved to develop your own social media site, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., the most effective approach is to focus on one or two sites.

Note: Remember when using Facebook, create a “Page” not a “Profile” or “Group”. Pages ensure a level of anonymity between your personal profile and your College-related page(s). For more information on setting up a Facebook Page, contact the Social Media Administrator.

Create a Plan

  • Once a social media tool is chosen, be sure to have answers to the following questions:
  • How much time can I commit to this social media site?
  • What type of information will I post?
  • How often will I post?
  • How will I keep dialogue active and engaging?
  • Is this site up indefinitely or for a limited duration of time?
  • How will I handle negative comments?
  • Will I be able to answer questions promptly?
  • Will anyone share responsibilities of maintaining the sites with me?

Engage, Monitor, and Track

  • Many social media sites include insights or statistics about your social media accounts. By accurately monitoring and analyzing the information, you can determine future plans. Additional ways to track:
  • Number of fans/followers
  • Number of comments
  • Frequency of comments

Consistency and Branding Presence

  • Using the College name or logo on any social media site falls under the current guidelines of use of these identity marks, which can be viewed in the Visual Identity Guidelines

Social Media Directory

  • A Social Media Directory is on the College’s website. In order for your affiliated page to be listed, the site must be updated and maintained regularly. You are also expected to follow and interact with other Brookdale Social Media sites, fans, and followers. To be added to the Social Media Directory, contact the Social Media Administrator at


Social Media Tips for Students and Staff

Social media is a great way for students and staff to stay connected. The following guidelines are designed to help you navigate social media at Brookdale and in your personal life.
Please be aware that our students’ and employees’ safety is our top priority. Threatening posts against the College are taken seriously and will be passed onto the proper authorities so that the necessary action can be taken.

Participate and Connect:

  • We want to hear from you! Visit the social media directory for a list of Brookdale’s social media sites, and join the ones that interest you the most. Utilize social media to connect with friends, family, alumni, and classmates. Social media provides a great opportunity for you to connect and engage with the world around you.

Be careful what you share:

  • Never give out personal information on social media sites such as social security numbers, passwords, addresses, or phone numbers. Brookdale Community College will never request this type of information from you through a social media site.

You can’t take it back:

  • Always remember that social media sites are not necessarily “private.” Regardless of your privacy settings, anyone you are connected to might share something you have posted online. Please be careful what information you share online.

Does the College monitor my Social Media Accounts?

Brookdale does not monitor personal social media accounts. Becoming a fan or follower of the College’s social media pages, does not mean we can access your accounts.

However, Brookdale does monitor the College’s name or variations of the College’s name online. . We use keyword search engines, such as and HootSuite, to view specific keyword searches through social media posts that are shared publicly to monitor what’s being said about Brookdale.

We routinely monitor the College’s name and variations of it, such as:

  • Brookdale Community College
  • Brookdale
  • BCC
  • Brookdale CC
  • Brookdale College, etc.

We use this information to respond with assistance, and if appropriate, share status updates and retweet tweets about the College.

It is important to remember that when you refer to Brookdale in your personal or College related social media platform, you impact our brand, image, and reputation. Please do not use the College’s logo on your personal social media sites. Others might perceive that you are officially representing the College in an official capacity and take your comments as those of an official spokesperson for the College.