Disability Services

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Welcome to the Disability Services Office at Brookdale 

Brookdale and our department are dedicated to the equality of educational opportunity and are strongly committed to the creation of a campus environment that is free of discrimination and bias in matters affecting people with disabilities. The Disability Services Office, in compliance with federal and state laws, ensures that no qualified student with a disability is excluded from participation in, or be denied the benefits of, services, programs, or activities at Brookdale Community College.

The College offers individualized and reasonable accommodations and/or services to qualified persons with disabilities necessary for ensuring complete access and full participation in the educational process. Please review the applicable qualification and how to register for Disability Services.

At Brookdale there are many students with disabilities. The College provides numerous academic opportunities, cultural enrichment and a wide array of social activities. A recent Student Satisfaction Survey of students with disabilities indicated that they find a welcoming and supportive environment at Brookdale. We are continuing to make services and facilities even better, and are committed to providing the physical facilities and academic environment that enable our students to reach their academic goals.

The Disability Services office is located at the Lincroft Campus in the Main Academic Complex, MAC 111.
732-224-2730 (Voice) • 732-842-4211 (TTY) • 732-530-7417 (FAX)

College Students with Disabilities: A Resource Guide for Faculty and Staff