PIE Reports

In achieving our mission and goals, PAR undertakes several regularly-scheduled research projects each year or every other year. These projects result in a variety of reports, several of which are described below. For Brookdale faculty and staff, some of these reports are available online in pdf format through the BCCAIS home page. A log-in and password are required to access this site**.

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Academic Program Needs Assessments – feasibility studies for proposed new programs and options.

Basic Skills Profiles – Reports include percentage of new students evaluated for placement, retest results, percentage and profile of students requiring remediation, demographic data, number of graduates who came through Basic Skills courses, course completion rates and grade distributions.

Community Needs Assessments – annual study which summarizes demographic, labor market, enrollment, and educational trend data as they relate to Brookdale, as well as collecting primary source data from a specified population. Intended to inform and guide institutional planning, decision making, policy formation, goal definition, and action.

Data Books – The Faculty Data Books contain Spring and Fall term grades by course; enrollment by program of study; enrollment by course and course prefix; graduates and graduation rates, and retention of first-time, full-time students by major.

Enrollment Reports – Enrollment reports provide official tenth day enrollment information by full/part-time status, degree/nondegree, gender, race/ethnicity, transfer and career programs, and first-time / returning status. An Executive Summary is produced for the two long terms; whereas only the data tables are provided for the shorter semesters.

Graduate Follow-Up Survey Reports – follow-up studies of Brookdale graduates approximately one year after graduation. Reports on current status, transfer, employment date, and rating of BCC services.

Labor Market Assessments – examine trends and needs in specific occupational fields as they relate to Career Programs at Brookdale. These studies are used as a portion of overall program evaluations, which occur on an on-going basis.

MSCHE Institutional Profiles – report to the Middle States Commission on Higher Education that includes Educational and General Expenditure data, future significant developments, enrollment at the Higher Education Centers and other instructional sites, number of programs that can be completed at least 50% via distance education courses, number of programs that be completed at least 50% at each Higher Education Center; faculty and student headcount, graduation rates, and fiscal year noncredit enrollment.

NJCHE Institutional Profiles – comprehensive annual report that describes important indicators such as student outcomes (e.g., graduation & transfer rates), number of students served (both noncredit and credit), and major capital projects. Submission of this report to the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education and to Brookdale’s Board of Trustees fulfills the 1994 Higher Education Restructuring Act mandate to “prepare and make available to the public an annual report on the condition of the institution.”

Student Satisfaction Inventory – The Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory (SSI) has been administered at Brookdale six times since 1996. The survey is a nationally standardized instrument containing over 100 items. Most of the items are designed to assess how important the particular item is to othe respondent as well as how satisfied the respondent is with the particular item. In addition, 76 items can be used to determine scores on 12 composite scales ranging from Academic Advising and Admissions to Service Excellence and Student Centeredness.


**If you are a Brookdale faculty or staff member who would like access to these and other reports produced by Planning, Assessment and Research, please contact us at ext. 2749