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Welcome to the Purchasing Department!

Our office is located on the 2nd floor of the Brookdale Administrative Center (BAC) accessible from Parking Lot 3.

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Phone:  732-224-2239
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Current Vendor Opportunities

Vendors are encouraged to read the Asbury Park Press for publications of legal ads for bid announcements. Brookdale Community College seeks competitive solicitations pursuant to N.J.S.A. 19:44A-20.4 and bids pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:64A-25.4 for the following:


Number Title Closing Date/Time Addendum & Notices
(when applicable)
Request Copy Results
Bid No. 15-07 Co-Location Services Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 10 am Request
Bid No. 15-06 Charter/Coach Bus Services for Intercollegiate Athletics Bid is closed.
Bid No. 15-05 Lincroft Campus Parking Lot and Roadway Striping Bid is closed. 15-05 
Bid No. 15-04 Plumbing T & M Bid is closed. 15-04 
Bid No. 15-03 Athletic Fields Landscaping Services Bid is closed.
Bid No. 15-02 Co-Location Services Bid is closed.
Bid No. 15-01 Internal Domestic Water System Bid is closed. 15-01 
Bid No. 14-31 Multimedia Projectors Bid is closed.   14-31
RFP No. 11-14 Communication Access Realtime Translation Services (CART) RFP is closed. 11-14
RFQ No. 03-2014 Sign Language Interpreters RFQ is closed.
RFP No. 10-14 Professional Representation with Federal Agencies, the U.S. Congress, and the State of New Jersey RFP is closed.
Bid No. 14-30 Roof Repairs Bid is closed. 14-30
Bid No. 14-29 Electrical Supplies Bid is closed. 14-29
Bid No. 14-28 Electrical Time and Material Bid is closed. 14-28
Bid No. 14-27 Travel Services for Tour & Talk Overnight Trips Bid is closed. 14-27
RFP No. 14-14 Dental Insurance RFP is closed.
RFP No. 13-14 Short Term Disability RFP is closed.
RFQ 02-2014 Printing Services RFQ is closed.
Bid No. 14-26 Banners and Signage Bid is closed. 14-26
RFP No.   09-14 Fitness Training Program and Continuing Education Programs RFP is closed.
RFP No.   08-14 Short Term Disability RFP is closed.
RFP No.   07-14 Dental Insurance RFP is closed.
Bid No. 14-25 Freehold Campus Window Replacement Bid is closed. 14-25
RFP No. 06-14 Emergency Notification System and Campus Safety Solution RFP is closed.
Bid No.   14-24 Copy Paper and Recycled Paper Bid is closed. 14-24
Bid No.   14-23 Printing Services Paper & Envelopes Bid is closed. 14-23
Bid No.   14-22 Bulk Mailing Services Bid is closed. 14-22
Bid No.    14-21 Travel Services for Tour & Talk Overnight Trips Bid is closed.
RFP No.     05-14 Student Account Collection Services RFP is closed.
RFP No.     04-14 SSO and/or Comprehensive Portal Solution RFP is closed.
Bid No.      14-20 Local and Long Distance Telephone Service to include PRI Circuits Bid is closed. 14-20
Bid No.     14-19 Pest Control Services Bid is closed. 14-19
Bid No.        14-18 Electrical Time and Material Bid is closed.
Bid No.       14-17 Plumbing Supplies Bid is closed. 14-17
Bid No.      14-16 Electrical Supplies Bid is closed.
Bid No.      14-15 Roof Repairs Bid is closed.
Bid No.      14-14 Sharp Projector Replacement Lamps Bid is closed. 14-14
Bid No.      14-13 Bus Services for Tour & Talk Trips, Spring 2014 Bid is closed. 14-13 
Bid No.
Brother GraffiTee Printer Bid is closed.
Police Department Accreditation RFP is closed.


Bids, RFPs and RFQs may be obtained in the purchasing office during normal business hours. Vendors may call or e-mail the purchasing office to request documents (hard copy). The College also provides documents, when available, in electronic format solely as a convenience.

When requesting an electronic copy of a bid or proposal, the vendor must provide the required contact information on the Request Copy form. The purchasing office checks the request mailbox daily, prior to the close of business. Requests will be issued the following business day.

Electronic documents are not official and it is entirely up to the recipient whether and to what extent it wishes to rely upon them. The hard copy of the documents is the only official set. While the College attempts to exercise reasonable quality control in the preparation of electronic documents, it does not warrant the completeness or accuracy of any such document. It is the recipient’s sole responsibility to verify the contents of electronic documents against the corresponding hard copy before taking any action in reliance on electronic documents.

The College will not be responsible for any error, omission, or discrepancy between electronic and hard copies of documents. All such matters will be considered to be matters that should have been resolved by the recipient of the documents in the exercise of its own due diligence and will not excuse nonperformance or constitute grounds for any adjustment to any awarded contract.

By clicking “I Accept” on the Request Copy form, the recipient acknowledges that its receipt of electronic documents is subject to all of the above. If vendors do not “accept” this statement, they may obtain a hard copy by contacting the Purchasing Department.

Please note all Bids and RFPs must have original signature(s) and be received in the Purchasing Department prior to the closing date and time, unless othewise noted.



Contact Kim Van Lew at 732-224-2241 if you have any questions.