Scheduling FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Scheduling 

How do I schedule a room?
Where is the Scheduling Office?

What do I need to bring with me?
What about bookings after-hours?

What if my room is locked?
How do I arrange for technology?

When is payment due?
What if the parking lot is full?

May I bring food from a vendor?
How do I find out about weather closings?

Where is my building located?


How do I schedule a room?
Call the Scheduling Office 732-224-2216 to confirm space availability. Or e-mail us with your inquiry.

We book nearly all Brookdale venues; however, to book these specific venues on campus:

Collins Arena, please call Sarah Brennan at 732-224-2379 or e-mail

Performing Arts Center, please call Sue Carle at 732-224-2333 or e-mail

Warner Center Rooms, please call Nancy Rivera at 732-224-2019 or e-mail

Where is the Scheduling Office location and what are the hours of operation?

We are on the first floor of MAC (Main Academic Complex) and our hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5 PM.  Summer hours – 6/16 to 8/15 – are 8:30 AM-4:30 PM. 

What do I bring with me?

Bring your copy of the Facilities Use form with you – click here to download.

If my event is on a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday, what do I do?

Bring your paperwork to the Physical Plant located next to Parking Lot 6 and the Collins Arena. Check in with the staff there; they will notify the Brookdale Police that you have arrived, and will make sure your facilities are ready for you.

Who do I call if the room that I have reserved is locked?

On the Lincroft campus contact the Police by picking up any of the blue-light phones and dialing 2222. Or you can dial them directly at (732) 842-2352.  In an emergency dial 911.  At the Higher Education Centers, instructions to contact Police are posted.

Who do I call for technology requests?

For all technology needs contact DTS (Distribution and Technical Services) at (732) 224-2472, Monday-Friday 8 AM- 5 PM, and Saturday 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM.

When is payment due for my room reservation?

Room rental and support services charges are due two weeks prior to the event. Please make checks payable to: Brookdale Community College and submit to Robin Hafen, Scheduling Office Administrator, 765 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft, NJ 07738.

All parking spaces near my desired location are occupied… what should I do?

At the Lincroft campus there is always additional parking in Parking Lot 1 (located near the Newman Springs Road entrance). PLEASE DO NOT PARK ILLEGALLY as you will be subject to ticketing by the Brookdale Police Department. 

May I bring in outside food for an event on campus?

On the main Lincroft campus, CulinArt’s Catering office has a great deal of variety to meet your needs: click here for the Catering Menu and click here for the Food Ordering Form.  If you have questions, please contact Iris Katz at (732) 224-2156.  Catering referrals for the Higher Education Centers are available from the Scheduling Office – e-mail us for details.

How do I find out if the College is closed due to inclement weather?

Cancellations are announced on Brookdale publc radio 90.5 FM The Night, or WJLK 1310 AM and 903. FM – or check the Brookdale homepage under News & Events. 

Where is my building?

ATEC – Advanced Technology Center   Park in Lot 4,5, or 6. Enter throught the main lobby entrance by the patio.

MAN – Main Academic NORTH   Park in Lot 4 or Lot 5. Enter through the Bankier Library entrance into the Lobby. The door to MAN is on your left directly across from the Library entrance.

MAC – Main Academic CENTRAL  Park in Lot 4 or 5. There are two entrances -both have signs but the entrances are not “large” gateway entrances. First is to the right of the main MAE entrance, near the circular part of the building. The other is between ATEC (on your left) and MAE (on your right) where the building is set back down the pathway.

MAS – Main Academic SOUTH. Park in Lot 4 or 5.

CAR – Center for Counseling Admissions & Registration Park in Lot 4 or 5. Building is to the right of ATEC; entrance is well marked where the building protrudes most.

CVA – Center for Visual Arts – Including the CVA Gallery -Parking Lot 1

LAH – Larrison Hall – Classrooms, Faculty offices, the Larrison Cafe (upstairs) -Parking Lot 1 or 2