Trustee Hanna Walker was sworn in at the July 28, 2020 meeting. She was elected by her graduating class and will serve on the Board of Trustees till June 30, 2021. Trustee Walker serves on the Student Success & Educational Excellence and Governance Committees of the Board.

Hanna graduated in December 2019, with an Associate in Arts, Political Science. As a Brookdale student, she served on the board of Phi Theta Kappa, as the Chair of Special Events. After her graduation, she mentored first year Brookdale Honor students.

One of Walker’s goals as the newest member of the Board is to tackle community college stigma. “Brookdale is amazing and has the power to open so many doors of opportunity, and I think that it is important for everyone in Monmouth County to know that,” said Walker. She explained when she was in high school the students viewed the college in a negative light; however, her experiences as a student showed her how wrong the stigma truly is.

“Attending Brookdale has been the best decision I have ever made, especially because of the Honors Program, Phi Theta Kappa, the National Society of Leadership and Success, our awesome Student Life events, and wonderful professors,” she said. While a student at Brookdale, Walker was very involved on campus and tried to erase the stigma against community colleges. “Brookdale is an excellent financial option, and with hard work, four-year schools will definitely be impressed,” she said.

Another of Walker’s goals as a member of the Board is to make sure all policies are environmentally sound. “Our campuses are so beautiful and it is important to keep them that way,” she said. In addition to her role on The Board, she also serves as secretary for the Hazlet Environmental Commission. Walker said politics and the environment are two areas she is passionate about.

“Studying politics has taught me that effective representation is the key to positive change, and I want to be that representative for the student’s voices at Brookdale Community College,” said Walker. While Walker was a student at Brookdale, the outgoing Graduate Trustee Lauren Deinhardt started the Brookdale Trustee Advisory Committee (BTAC) to better understand the concerns of the students. Walker was a member of the advisory committee and plans to continue it. “The BTAC is a great way for students to help me become aware of issues, ideas, and passions that the student body shares,” Walker said. “The BTAC is also a way for students to become more involved and help create change.” Walker invites all Brookdale students who want to join the BTAC to get their voices heard to email her at

Walker is continuing her education at Rutgers University majoring in Political Science at Rutgers at Brookdale. She recommends Brookdale University Partnerships to everyone who is getting ready to transfer.