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I. Title of Regulation

Dual Enrollment Programs

II. Objective of Regulation

To articulate the criteria for establishing Dual Enrollment Program agreements with individual high schools.

III. Authority

Board of Trustees Policy No. 6.1000, Admissions

IV. Regulation Statement

Dual Enrollment Programs allow qualified high school students to earn college credits as part of their high school program. The following criteria will apply to the Dual Enrollment Program:

A. The Dual Enrollment Program is open to high school juniors or seniors who attend a high school with a signed Dual Enrollment agreement with Brookdale  Community College.

B. Applicants must be recommended and approved by their High School Guidance Counselor. Permission from a parent/legal guardian is also required. Applicants must meet minimum proficiency requirements on the placement tests or SATs. To continue in the program, the student must maintain a minimum term GPA of 2.0 at the College.

C. Applicants are required to submit a student privacy waiver in order for academic and conduct information to be shared between the College and high school.

D. Applicants will be allowed to enroll in no more than two Brookdale coursesduring any term. Enrollment will be subject to the guidelines of the Brookdale Community College prerequisite and co-requisite system. Applicants may not enroll in selective admission programs, basic skills or support courses.

E. Dual Enrollment students will be designated as non-degree students.

F. The Office of Transfer Resources and Articulation will be responsible for instituting and administrating the Dual Enrollment Program at individual high schools.

G. All courses offered in the Dual Enrollment Program at individual high schools must be approved and monitored by the appropriate college department chair. All academic standards regarding the course content, syllabus, and faculty credentials will apply. The appropriate College department chair, in conjunction with the Office of Transfer Resources and Articulation, will be responsible for evaluating high school facilities to ensure that the proper equipment and technologies required for the course are available and utilized.

H. Appeals for admissions should be made in writing to the Executive Vice President for Educational Services or designee.

V. Responsibility for Implementation

Executive Vice President for Educational Services


Approved: 9/2007