Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) exists to craft a culture of care and a community of belonging through a healing-centered framework. We present opportunities for growth, facilitate brave conversation, and through collaboration & creativity, build toward restoration together.

Our areas of focus:

  • financial resilience
  • wellness
  • social entrepreneurship, and
  • diversity in STEM

Programs Offered

10 Ways to Build

How might you connect with Brookdale Diversity & Inclusion?
Here are 10 Ways to get into it.
What does it mean? What does it look like?
There are many ways to enter the work. Following is a sample of where you might show up for it.
Find your space.

Download PDF for clickable links





Standing in Solidarity VIRTUAL Series

25 Day Challenge

The content is asynchronous. Move at your own pace. Start Here
A little today, more tomorrow? Finish in 15 days or 55. The point is to lean-in to our learning together.
Watch a video guide created for you about this virtual series. VIDEO





Zoom Guided Conversations

Tuesdays at 4:00 p.m.


The conversations are meant to build a working group and process by applying learning together and in tangible ways. The guide will be by way of Achieving the Dream and the Evergreen Strategic Plan.





Standing In Solidarity Live Series


Training and workshop series: REGISTER HERE
Diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, access, and justice. Creating a place to practice. How do we ready ourselves for this work? Building our capacity. Working in-relationship. Everything we do, we’ll do together.

This is a personal and professional development, a capacity-building experience.
Certificate of completion available for folk who attend.
Attend any workshop in the series, one or all.

Free and open to the public.
Come as an individual or as a group from your organization.


Workshops are:
February 28 to March 29
Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 3pm to 5pm
Brookdale Community College, 765 Newman Springs Rd., Lincroft

Questions? Request for topics? Something else?
Contact Angela Kariotis, Director of Diversity and Inclusion/CCOG

Let’s build.

One on One Sessions

With Director of Diversity and Inclusion

As a member of Brookdale, you may be interested in speaking to someone, one on one. This is a to process your ideas on how best to address and engage in culturally responsive pedagogy, crafting equitable spaces, and the creation of inclusive learning and working environments.

You might have a question. You might want to collaborate. Or, you might want feedback.
If you are interested in another perspective or counsel, please contact me for a time to meet.

Note: For sensitive matters, confidentiality is respected.
Contact Angela Kariotis directly, akariotis@broookdalecc.edu, 732-224-2109.





Request for Special Topics: Online and In-Person Enrichment Opportunities and Interdisciplinary Collaborations

How might Diversity and Inclusion best provide enrichment opportunities for Brookdale students, faculty, staff, and alumni for shared accountability toward forward movement?

Everyone is invited to use this FORM to request opportunities, suggest special topics, or provide feedback based on your expertise and lived experience.

Let’s get in right-relationship.





Reading Circle

The Bankier Library and Diversity and Inclusion are proud to partner in the reading of Resmaa Menakem’s My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies.

Open to all, from our home to yours. Please join us for deep reflection and building community together.
For more information on the different ways to participate and to register. VISIT HERE

The goal is to invite everyone in our community to eventually read this book. Then, from our learning experience, identify actionable items to integrate throughout our campus community.

Reading Circles paired with meditation session will be offered again in February.

OPTIONAL: An online digital padlet is created for asynchronous connections to each other and the material. Participate using the padlet if it’s comfortable for you—>





Community Hours, monthly

This is an open space. All are welcome.

This series is meant to foster interdepartmental fellowship, idea shares, radical accessibility and co-curricular developments.

In-person community hours are welcomed! Ask for it!

REGISTER HERE for Community Hours

About Community Hours

Everything we do, we’ll do together.
Just say no to silos.
Community Hours is about radical accessibility and transparency. It’s a collaborative space for you and I to dream-build but also for cross-pollination efforts among anyone/everyone who might attend. An idea will bubble up; we can hold each other accountable to see it through! How might we all grow and build in fellowship? Join me.

Potentiate an agenda:

  • Planning the 2023-2024 calendar
  • Co-curricular collaborations- diversity and CCOG events integrated across classes
  • Curate Living Room Conversations- participants and topics
  • Standing in Solidarity live sessions- debrief
  • Feedback and connections harvested from the collaborators survey I sent out
  • Develop ideas to connect with our K-8 partners, helping “the littles” imagine themselves in college; “Brookies”
  • Reading circle
  • Anything else x come as you are x bring your ideas or just yourself
  • Just be together in fellowship
  • Admin, staff, faculty, students, ALL are encouraged to attend

All are welcome.

Questions? Request for topics? Something else?
Contact Angela Kariotis, Director of Diversity and Inclusion/CCOG





How to Invest Your Money, even if you’ve never done it before


4 workshops, they build off each other but join what you can.

February 14, 28, March 28, April 18, 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM in MAN 100

A financial resilience intensive: Certificate of Completion given to those who attend all 4 workshops.

Demystifying investing, challenging the racial wealth gap, arming us with the tools to maneuver an inequitable money system. Just in time for the holidays! Stack your ends to make ends meet. Brunch & Budget offers dynamic presentations and illuminating resources. Check the podcast for more money matter tips.

Brookdale Lincroft Lot 5
MAN 100

Free and open to the public.


In collaboration with the International Education Center’s International Festival

April 4, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

What is Capoeira? It is a martial art
From Rising Sun Capoeira: Capoeira (ca-pu-wed-a) is the Brazilian martial art (yes martial art and not dance) that was created by the Africans enslaved in Brazil during the colonial era (around the 1500’s). It was disguised, or made to appear, as dance, song, and music to hide the enslaved training in preparation for rebellion and escape. Keeping in tradition, we practice the art in its entirety. We invoke and teach the importance or rhythm of the body and expression through voice and various percussion, and most importantly awareness of self; (defense, ability, pride).
Never seen it? Here’s a video of Grupo Engenho da Bahia: VIDEO

Everyone is welcome here.

For collaborations with Diversity & Inclusion, please contact Angela Kariotis, akariotis@brookdalecc.edu.

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