Jubilee Plan 2013-2017

Brookdale Community College Strategic Plan 2013-2017 –
The Jubilee Plan

A collaborative effort involving the campus community, the Jubilee Plan is built on the foundation of Matrix 2013, the Educational Services Master Plan, the Information Technologies Strategic Plan and the Facilities Master Plan. This collegially constructed Jubilee Plan, with a focus on Student Success, is a ‘living document’ that will provide a blueprint to further the fulfillment of our Mission.


Goal 1: Inspire student success.

Brookdale will inspire student learning and promote goal achievement with effective teaching; a dynamic curriculum; supportive, innovative learning environments; data-based enrollment management strategies, and meaningful activities to encourage student engagement


1.1 Maximize learning-centered environments and successful student outcomes by ensuring alignment of curriculum and co-curricular activities, programs and services..

1.2 Anticipate the changing needs of students through comprehensive faculty development to increase effective teaching and academic excellence.

1.3 Improve academic advisement, and enhance transfer, career and employment counseling services to improve student retention.

1.4 Increase the use of new and existing analytical data to increase support for student and lifelong learners.

1.5 Implement short and long-term enrollment development plans focusing on defined markets and emerging populations.

1.6 Promote diversity and inclusion with cultural and environmental initiatives to ensure Brookdale is a responsible, respectful and enlightened community.


Goal 2: Maximize resources.

The College will cultivate a culture of high performance, collaboration and innovation to support continuous institutional improvement. Brookdale will model exemplary practices in the development and management of institutional resources focused on student success and organizational effectiveness.


2.1 Expand the professional and personal potential of all staff to ensure a culture of high performance, collaboration and innovation.

2.2 Implement strategic media and technology solutions with a measureable impact on student learning and faculty/staff productivity.

2.3 Increase facilities maintenance and planning to ensure a physical environment conducive to student learning.

2.4 Enhance internal communication to provide open, two-way information flows, and enhance and facilitate teamwork, cooperation and collaboration.

2.5 Develop a comprehensive fiscal plan to include new revenue streams.

2.6 Increase the role of the Brookdale Foundation and foster alignment with the College’s strategic planning initiatives.

2.7 Increase support of the Alumni Association to support its continued growth and development.


Goal 3: Strengthen and expand Brookdale’s alliances and partnerships.

Brookdale will strengthen and expand alliances and partnerships to increase opportunities for students and the community.


3.1 Develop the Communiversity to become a self-sustaining, nationwide model.

3.2 Develop educational partnerships in international and global initiatives.

3.3 Increase entrepreneurial partnerships with businesses, private foundations, federal and state organizations, private donors and local school districts, to ensure sustainability of college plans and enhance stakeholder commitment.


Goal 4: Leverage Brookdale’s excellence.

Brookdale’s reputation as a premier educational institution will continue to grow and the College will serve as a leader in student achievement, workforce and economic development.


4.1 Exceed the standards of all of the College’s accrediting agencies.

4.2 Increase the College’s capacity to play a prominent role in local, regional and state plans for student success and economic growth.

4.3 Exceed the national means in our research studies (CCSSE; SSI; others)

4.4 Aggressively communicate our successes and deal with our challenges.

4.5 Develop a mutually beneficial dialogue in the community about the role of the comprehensive community college.

4.6 Focus strategic marketing on Brookdale’s success in meeting the needs of our students and community.

4.7 Develop centers of excellence to attract students, funding, and research opportunities.