Distance Advising & Counseling

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What is our Distance Advising & Counseling Program?



Our Distance Advising Program enables you to meet with an Advisor in real time, interactively over the Internet. Instead of coming to campus, you can meet with an Advisor during one of the scheduled online meeting times from a location that is convenient for you.

How does our Distance Program work?

Brookdale is currently using Adobe Connect as its distance advising tool. You can participate in the session using your web camera and microphone. In the event that you do not have a camera and microphone, you can use the Chat Pod (Instant Messaging). During the session, your Advisor will use the screen-sharing feature to show you important documents. You will also be able to see the Advisor via web cam.

What is the difference between Advising and Counseling?

Are you having trouble adjusting to college? Do you need some advice about choosing a major or a career path, or in defining your transfer goals? If so, Brookdale’s counselors are here to help you, and they can also provide personal counseling in dealing with relationship problems, substance use issues, family difficulties, and personal crises. In addition, our counselors collaborate with instructional faculty to deliver workshops in areas like managing test anxiety, time management, goal setting, and developing leadership characteristics.

Are there special hours for Counseling and Advising sessions?

Yes. Online counseling hours are Wednesdays from 2-7 PM. Distance Counseling is cancelled for October 11, 2017.

Can all of my needs be met in a distance meeting?

No. At this time, online advising and counseling sessions are appropriate only for the following requests:

  • Academic planning
  • Career Test results
  • Course approval
  • Degree requirements
  • Graduation requirements
  • Probation Contracts
  • Transcript evaluation
  • Transfer information

Please make an in-person appointment for all other advising needs.

How do I request an online advising or counseling session?

  1. Click HERE to get started.
  2. Read through all of the instructions and computer requirements.
  3. Complete the Connection Test to confirm that your computer or mobile device can support an online counseling session.
  4. Complete the the Online Advising Registration form.  Be sure to answer all questions and agree to all of the terms and click the Submit link.
  5. Your will be redirected to a confirmation screen with a link to the Adobe Connect login page.  Click on the Online Advisement link.
  6. Select Guest and enter your first name only.
  7. You will be waiting to enter the advising meeting. There may be students ahead of you, of whom you are unaware. An Advisor will invite you into the meeting room as soon as they are available. Do not sign out and sign back in, you will lose your place in line. Please be patient and wait.

Click here for a PDF brochure containing detailed instructions

You can also watch a video tutorial on how to meet with your Advisor online.

Go to the Online Advising session request form

If you are taking online classes and you need academic advising, please call (732) 224-2089.  All other students, please call (732) 224-2555 to be connected with the Advising Office.