A sampling of in-class learning experiences.

As part of Business 205 course requirements, these students represent four groups that, working as teams, researched actual business situations and presented their findings in class.

Ciby Geigy Team 

Nike Team 

Proctor Gamble Team 

Starbucks Team 


Small Business Plan Competition

A Small Business Plan Competition was held at the Wall and Lincroft campuses for BUS 105 students sections 010RL and 806RW. Students were required to complete a Small Business Plan as their semester project. The projects were graded and returned, after which students elected four peers to represent them in a Small Business Plan competition.

The competition was judged by Frank DeVita, MBA, on the Lincroft campus and Cameron Beatty, Financial Analyst at the Wall campus. Dr. Pat Gallo, Brookdale Dean of Business, presented the Certificates at Lincroft, and John DeSena, Esq. at the Wall campus.

Each member of the winning team received a certificate for their educational achievement created by our own Phyllis Nicholson (Lincroft) an Laura Pyanoe (Wall). This was a very successful Small Business Plan Competition for these two BUS 105 Sections at Brookdale.

Small Business Competition at Lincroft

Cupcake Competition

A Cupcake Competition was held by BUS 105 Students in Sections 010RL and 806RW at the Wall and Lincroft campuses on the last day of the semester after the final. This was a follow up to a financial analysis of a small business required for class work. Students organized their competition into categories of Homemade and Purchased. Each category then had a subcategory of Prettiest, Tastiest, Most Creative and Ugliest.

Frank DeVita, MBA judged the Lincroft competition and John DeSena, Esq. judged the Wall competition. Certificates of Cupcake Congratulations were created by Phyllis Nicholson (Lincroft) & Laura Pyanoe (Wall) for each winning category. Lots of fun and photos resulted from the innovative approach to making BUS 105 a fun learning experience.

Together the two competitions were a great learning experience for all involved. It truly was a team effort involving instructor, students and our great Administrative Team at both campuses.