So many choices . . .

On-campus – Traditional classes taught on the Lincroft campus with approximately 30 students per class. We use lecture, discussion, and in-class problem solving. Our rooms are equipped with a computer, which is utilized by the instructor to bring real-world economics to the classroom.

Off-campus – Economics classes are offered at our Regional Locations in Freehold, Hazlet, Long Branch, Neptune, and Wall.

Traditional – Economics classes are offered in a traditional classroom setting, with lecture, discussion, and interactive learning.

Web-enhanced – Most of our classes require assignments to be completed using the internet for research. You will need to have access to a computer at home, or use one of the many computers available to students on campus.

Meet once or twice a week – Most of our sections in the 15-week semesters meet once a week for three hours. But if you prefer meeting more frequently for a shorter period of time, we offer several “split” sections that meet twice a week for one and a half hours each time.

2, 6, 11 or 15 weeks – We offer classes in all terms and in a variety of formats. Winterim classes are offered for 2 weeks in January. In the Summer terms you’ll find classes that meet for 6 or 11 weeks. Fall and Spring are when we offer the traditional 15-week class or a late start 11-week class.

Online –Your course will be run through Canvas, our online learning management system. You may be familiar with Canvas from other classes, but in an online course, all of your instructions, testing and communications with your instructor and other classmates is done through Canvas. Many of your assignments are based on internet research. To be successful in an online course, you must be disciplined to do much of the work “on your own” without immediate facilitation from your instructor. However, your instructor is in constant contact with you through Canvas.