For any information about applying to the Nursing Program, please contact our representative in the Office of Admission, Beth Stryker at 732 224-2330.

Nursing Department

Jayne Edman, Dean Health Science                        732 224-2415 

Patricia D’Aloia-Gandolfo, Department Chair  732 224-2398

Susan Scarangella, Institute Administrator               732 224-1981

Sharon Stouter, Institute Office Associate                732 224-2416 

Rose Dunn, Senior Office Assistant                         732-224-1982 

Jennifer Mehm, Senior Office Assistant                   732-224-1817 

Nursing Lab (Lincroft)                                              732 224-2493

Nursing Simulation Lab (Wall)                                 732-280-7090 (ext. 6166)

Information about Waitlist Status                   

Nursing Faculty member                                         see College Directory or Nursing Faculty list