Criminal History Background Check

  1. Clinical agencies mandate criminal history background checks for all individuals engaged in patient care, and all students must undergo criminal history background checks.
  2. An external vendor conducts these checks and sends the information to the College and to the and to clinical agencies. Agency personnel will evaluate the information they receive and, in their sole discretion, make the final determination as to each student’s ability to continue to engage in patient care in their agency.
  3. If a student is denied clinical placement by any clinical agency due to criminal history information, that student will be dismissed from the program. As a result, the student will not be able to complete the requirements of the program.
  4. The Criminal History Background package includes:
    1. Statewide Criminal check (NJ and any additional address associated with the name outside of the state of NJ)
    2. Statewide Police Criminal History
    3. Nationwide Sexual Offender Index
    4. Nationwide Healthcare Fraud and Abuse Scan
    5. Social Security Alert
    6. Residency History

Castlebranch is the current vendor background screening and compliance tracking services. Students will receive instructions about establishing contact with Castlebranch shortly before beginning the program.