English Degree Options

Brookdale offers English or Creative Writing A.A. Degree Options. Click on the degree name below to read more in our online catalog.

Humanities Program, English Option, A.A.

This option is designed for transfer to a four-year college with a major in writing and/or literature. Students in this option take writing and courses concerned with specific areas of literature, coupled with liberal arts studies. Four-year English graduates enter widely diverse professions, among which may be teaching, copywriting, editing and publishing.

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Humanities Program, Creative Writing Option, A.A.

This option provides the writing skills and general studies to establish a foundation in creative writing across genres with some depth in specific genres and will prepare students for transfer to writing programs at the four-year college level for further study. It will also prepare students for positions in writing and publishing such as writer, editor, proofreader, editorial staff positions in creative fields such as publishing, advertising, and public relations as well as a creativity worker such as author. Students interested in pursuing a BFA, MFA or PhD in Creative Writing will benefit the most from this Option, but general English majors may be interested as well.

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Social Media Academic Credit Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is designed for individuals or businesses to use social media to build a web presence or brand.

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Women’s & Gender Studies Academic Credit Certificate Achievement

The Women’s & Gender Studies Academic Credit Certificate of Achievement is designed for students and/or professionals interested in civic engagement, social justice, and advocacy scholarship that centers gender, sexuality, and women’s issues, concerns, and experiences across a variety of disciplines and fields. Women’s & Gender studies courses consider how ideas, practices, and legislation regarding gender and sexuality inform and shape both identities and institutions, impact social policy and the lived experience of individuals across cultures and in a global context. Students choosing this Academic Credit Certificate of Achievement may transfer to a four-year college where Women’s & Gender Studies and related fields are offered as a major or minor. Knowledge of Women’s & Gender Studies is an asset for working professionals in, or current A.A./A.S. students choosing, careers that include the non-profit sector, teaching, research, law, counseling, social work, human services among other fields. Professionals looking to enhance their knowledge, skill set, and resume, as well as students looking to supplement their course of study and selected A.A. or A.S. Option program, will benefit from this Academic Credit Certificate of Achievement. The Women & Gender Studies Academic Credit Certificate of Achievement can be completed in one to two semesters, and may be completed fully online.

Transfer Opportunities

Transfer Agreements by Academic Program: Articulation Agreements are formal agreements between Brookdale and other colleges and universities. These agreements define how the courses you complete at Brookdale will apply to your future bachelor’s degree when you transfer into a baccalaureate program.


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