After taking the Accuplacer, your test scores will be made available online for you within a few days.

To access those scores, you first need to set up your access to MyBrookdale and your Student e-mail (Office 365) account. Just follow the steps below. If you’ve already set up your MyBrookdale access and your student e-mail, just skip to Step 3 to view your test scores.

Why Do I Need Access to MyBrookdale and Student Email (Office 365)?

How Do I Activate MyBrookdale and Student Email (Office 365) Accounts?

(1) Look up your account information.

Go to https://netid.brookdalecc.edu and click on “Lookup your account”.

(2) Change your default password.

Click on “Change Your Default Password” then enter your Username, Default Password (from above), and New Password (twice). Click on the “Next” button.

(3) Log in to WebAdvisor

Click the red MyBrookdale tab on the top right of the Brookdale homepage, then click on the Webadvisor icon.
Choose “Students” menu, then click on “Access Accuplacer Test Scores & Print Early Bird Check-In Ticket” in the Admissions Profile menu.

(4) Activate Your Student Email (Office 365) Account 

Click on the “Office 365” icon, and accept the terms and conditions to activate your e-mail account.

Where Do I Go For Help?

Contact the Help Desk at (732) 224-2829 or e-mail helpdesk@brookdalecc.edu