Tuition Payment Plan

Tuition Payment Plan

Beginning with the 2017 Summer and Fall semesters, Tuition Management Systems (TMS) will no longer manage Brookdale Community College’s payment plans. Students on a 2017 Spring plan should continue to make payments to TMS until the total amount due has been paid.

Beginning with the 2017 Summer and Fall semesters:

  • Online payments and payment plans will become part of Student Planning.  Students who register for at least one course through Student Planning will be able to create a payment plan online.
  • Students who register in person or through WebAdvisor will have to set up a payment plan in Lincroft at the cashiers office.

Once you complete your Student Planning registration, you will have 3 payment options:

Option 1 – Pay Now – for students who want to pay in full at the time they register.

Option 2 – Payment Plan – for students who are unable to pay in full.  Depending on the term, payments will be split into 4, 3 or 2 payments.  The payment due dates will be visible when the payment plan choice is selected. There is a $60 non-refundable fee to set up a payment plan per term.  The $60 will become part of the first payment due.  Since the fee is non-refundable, students who drop classes will still be charged the $60 fee.  The plan fee is a per term fee.  Students setting up a payment plan for multiple Spring, Summer and Fall terms will pay $60 per plan per term.

Option 3 – Pay Later – for students that have pre-registered and will pay in full on the payment due date.  Pay Later should also be selected if you are receiving either full financial aid or enough aid to make your remaining payment manageable.  Students who select Pay Later will not have the option to set up a payment plan later.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment for summer semesters is due at time of registration. Do not choose Option 3 – Pay Later.

Questions? Call Accounts Receivable at 732-224-2707