This annual award is presented to individuals who best epitomize the quality of excellence in education. It is named for Brookdale’s third president, Dr. Bob Barringer, who passed away in June 2017.

Thank you for your nominations.

The recipients are selected by the Barringer award committee using the following criteria and the materials submitted by their nominators.

  1. Outstanding service to students via the classroom or other College-sponsored educational activities that enhance students’ educational experiences and opportunity to succeed (30%)
  2. Outstanding service to the institution in a leadership or inspirational role (30%)
  3. Outstanding service to the community that reflects well on the institution and enhances the College’s image (30%)
  4. Length of service (10%)


 1986       Dr. Bob Barringer

1987       Professor Arthur Marshall

1988       Mr. Gordon Litwin

1989       Dr. Jean Badgley

1990       Mr. Jacob Needle

Dr. Seymour Siegler

1991       Mr. Gershom Tomlinson

1992       Monmouth County Board

Of Chosen Freeholders

1993       Barbara J. Gonos, Esq.

Mr. Joseph King

1994       Mr. Noel Kubel

1995       Dr. Carl E. Calendar

1996       Dr. Duncan F. Circle

Professor Jeung H. Kim

Dean Norma Klein

1997       Dr. Tom Richards

Mr. Paul Maclaughlin

1998       Dr. Richard Connors

Dean James Palumbo

Ms. Carol Mccartin

1999       Ms. Sue Desiderata

Dr. Louis Pullano

Dr. Richard Sorrell

2000       Mr. Mike Toomey

Mr. Jack Ryan                                                             ,

2001       Dr. Elizabeth Twohy

Ms. Theresa Wyatt

2002       Professor Webster Boodey

Professor Virginia Lee

2003       Mr. Vincent Gorman

Ms. Cheryl Cummings

Professor Irma Lester

2004       Dr. Peter Burnham

2005       Mr. Lee Blaustein

Ms. Jacqueline Kugit

Rev. Dr. Donald E. Warner
2006       Mr. Arnold Gelfman
Professor Lois Higbie

Professor Susan Rosenberg

2007       Professor Barbara Baron

Mr. Richard Pfeffer

Professor Anthony Snyder

2008       Dr. Patricia Gallo

Mr. Douglas Welsh

Professor Paul Zigo

2009       Dr. Webster Trammell

Mrs. Doris B. Hudak

Dr. Karen D’Agostino

2010       Dr. Terry Konn

Professor Sherri West

Dean Maris Lown

2011       Ms. Norah Kerr-Mccurry

Mrs. Jayne McBride

Brookdale Community College Foundation Board of Trustees

2012       Professor Eric Goll

Mr. Bruce Marich

Mr. Thomas (Bo) Scannapieco

2013       Professor Sally Sorrell

Professor Michael Qaissaunee

Ms. Linda Mass

2014       Professor Thomas Berke

Professor Linda Wang

Ms. Eleanor Horgan

Mr. Louis Ferendo

2015       Professor James Crowder

Professor Jess LeVine

Ms. Helen Vota

2016      Professor Roseanne Alvarez

Professor Howard Miller

Ms. Joan Rudinski

2017     Dr. Laura Longo

Associate Professor Debbie Mura

Professor Shahin Pirzad

2018       Professor John Bukovec
Barbara Boyington

Joan Scocco

2019       Dr. David Stout

Dr. Ave Latte

Dr. Nancy Liu

2020       Deborah Almeida

Synde Kaufman

Professor Oly Malpica-Proctor

2021-2022 Event not held due to COVID-19

2023       Professor Jane Scimeca