Group of Graduates behind the Success sculpture

Dear Friends of Brookdale,
When we joined the Brookdale Community College family, we fell in love with the College because of the effects we have on the lives of our students. Brookdale is the springboard that has enabled thousands of students to achieve their dreams. When we say “Here will get you there,” what we mean is that Brookdale is the catalyst for success. Our students can start here and literally go anywhere.


Many of our students face significant obstacles as they navigate their academic pathways in pursuit of their goals. Too many students must overcome unstable housing, food insecurity, lack of transportation or childcare, and low wage jobs that just don’t pay enough to cover their monthly bills. Unfortunately, these impediments sometimes lead our students to make the very difficult decision to drop out, not because they are unable to succeed, but simply because they must prioritize their current living expenses over their aspirations. As we all know, COVID-19 has only exacerbated these financial challenges this year.


As we enter the giving season, we ask that you consider making a donation to the Brookdale Community College Foundation’s Invest in Student Success campaign. The campaign seeks to help with the cost of education so that financial challenges don’t become a barrier to success. Donations of any amount truly do have an impact.


Here’s just one student’s perspective on the importance of the Foundation’s work: “I am truly grateful for the opportunity you are providing me and other students. I hope to one day be able to impact children’s lives in such a positive manner just as you are impacting our futures with these scholarships!”


Can you match or exceed last year’s donation? Also, if your company provides matching gifts, you can even double your contribution!


Thank you in advance for considering any donation that makes you comfortable. We’ve made it easy for you to contribute! Just go to

Bernadette N. Macko ’04
Brookdale Community College Foundation


David M. Stout Ph D
Brookdale Community College