Student Spotlight: Elizabeth Rowe

Elizabeth Rowe at the Bohemian Switzerland National Park
During her semester abroad, Rowe took several side trips in Europe. She is seen here while visiting the Bohemian Switzerland National Park.

After time away from school, Elizabeth Rowe saw Brookdale as her path to higher education. She sought an affordable alternative enabling her to explore options while not incurring debt.

Little did she know that it would lead her across the Atlantic to Prague.

“When I made the decision to return to school, I promised myself I would take advantage of every opportunity that came my way,” said Rowe. “I kept getting emails about study abroad orientations, so I went to one and landed in Prague!”

All of her overseas courses transferred directly back to Brookdale, keeping the Keyport resident on track for graduation this spring.

Rowe urges those considering studying abroad to pursue it, especially if it’s something typically outside of your comfort zone.

“If you can make it happen, do it,” advised Rowe. “Even if you’re scared, just do it. You will probably never get the opportunity again.”

“Now I truly understand that life just passes you by if you only ever do what’s comfortable.”

-Elizabeth Rowe

Besides sightseeing in Prague, Rowe visited many other cities in Europe, including Vienna, Paris, Rome and Berlin.

As someone adverse to change, Rowe felt anxious prior to departure. But the decision to follow through led to many rewards and renewed self-confidence.

“Going was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m so glad I made it,” said Rowe.

Her travels and studies altered her outlook.

“This experience has changed my knee-jerk reaction to my fear of the unknown,” said Rowe. “Now I truly understand that life just passes you by if you only ever do what’s comfortable.”

Her parting advice to others –  branch out, do things you’ve never done.