Social Worker is a Resource for Brookdale Community

Sylvina Mendez is a social worker with the Monmouth County Division of Social Services (MCDSS). Through a partnership agreement with MCDSS, Sylvina works on the Brookdale-Lincroft campus two days per week. Her office is located in the Veteran’s Center.

How long have you worked as a social worker?

I have been employed with the Monmouth County Division of Social Services for 30 years and am bilingual. My longest assignment to date was with the Project for Transitioning from Homelessness (PATH) Grant program. I provided case management services to adults diagnosed with mental illness and who were homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness. Our goal was to provide linkages with other county organizations and non-profits to develop stability in the individual‘s life and to remediate homelessness.

Can you tell us about your background?

I am a longtime resident of Middletown. I received my Bachelors in Social Work from Monmouth University. It allowed me to combine my interest in psychology, specifically mental health disorders, with a desire to help people in my community. I later earned my Masters in Social Work degree from Rutgers University.

“My presence here is part of Monmouth County’s efforts to reach populations that may be in need and who are currently underserved.”

-Sylvina Mendez

Can you describe your role at Brookdale?

I am on the Lincroft campus Mondays and Thursdays. My role as a social worker at Brookdale is to provide information on how to access services such as Cash Assistance (TANF, GA, SNAP Medicaid), homeless and housing services, disability services, utility assistance, domestic violence services and support. I provide these same services at my agency location in Freehold where I am assigned to the Outreach & Support Unit.

“As the MCDSS Social Work Administrator and 32-year employee, I have known Sylvina since she started. In addition to her extensive knowledge and experience with the agency and the Monmouth County community, Sylvina was specifically chosen for this Brookdale opportunity because of her genuine concern and interest in improving the wellbeing of individuals and families. She has a keen awareness of the most common barriers and issues. It is her drive and resourcefulness that enables her to provide the support and guidance to overcome difficult situations and achieve self-sufficiency. We are delighted to share Sylvina with Brookdale, and we look forward to developing a strong, supportive relationship to enhance the lives of the students and their families.”

-Jeffrey R. Schwartz, MCDSS Director

I am very excited to be part of this new initiative between MCDSS and the Brookdale community. As a social worker in Monmouth County, I have developed strong connections with partnering community agencies that has allowed me to provide individuals/families with additional resources. If I am unable to provide the service, I will guide you to the agency/resource that will. 

Sylvina Mendez can be reached at  or 732-431-6000 X5223.

“This is a great example of just one of the ways that working with partners like Brookdale Community College can better address the human needs in our community. Sylvia has been a great source of help and information to the students at Brookdale, and we are very proud of the program’s success. We continue to explore new ways to collaborate for the betterment of our community.”

– Monmouth County Freeholder Sue Kiley, liaison to Human Services

“Having a Monmouth County Division of Social Services social worker on Brookdale’s campus two days a week exemplifies the great partnership between Brookdale and the County. The wellbeing of the Brookdale community is extremely important to the Board of Chosen Freeholders. We hope that bringing a representative to the campus will help all of those who may benefit from the services that MCDSS can provide.”

-Freeholder Lillian G. Burry