Outstanding Student Awards

Lauren Deinhardt to Start Joint Program at Monmouth University


“My overall experience with Brookdale has been nothing short of excellent. College is what you make out of it. I would tell a prospective student considering attending Brookdale that you won’t be disappointed by the academic quality and the extracurricular experience. You’ll benefit from small class sizes and a caring and supportive community. Brookdale has given me a solid academic foundation and opened up doors for new opportunities.”

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Brian Sandy Looks Forward to New Career in Respiratory Field


“Anything worthwhile requires hard work and endurance. It is possible if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. Do not be afraid to ask for help and admit that you do not know everything. Brookdale programs are filled with professors who want to see students thrive. I am fortunate to have had professors who took the extra time to stay for help and were genuinely concerned for my success. Also live by the 3 Ds: discipline, dedication and determination. “

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Erica Mittenzwei on Her Way to Career in Finance

“Put everything that you have into the Brookdale experience. The stigma against community colleges today is so prevalent, but those of us who are students here know that there are so many places to succeed. Brookdale will challenge you inside and outside the classroom. You will be given opportunities every day, and it is up to you to seize them. There are so many well accomplished individuals here, and it is more than possible that you will become one too.”

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Erica Rosenthal Will Continue Her Studies at Arcadia University

“My advice to anyone attending Brookdale is get involved. There is this stigma that community colleges are less superior to four year institutions. That could not be further from the truth. Community colleges have the academic merit of four year institutions, if you are willing to put in the work. Find your niche, make some friends and invest in your success.”

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“The Outstanding Student Award Winners excelled academically and helped to make the Brookdale campus even more vibrant and engaging through their leadership and involvement in student clubs, organizations and activities. Their positive impact and community service extended beyond Brookdale, and I know that we’ll see more great accomplishments from them in the coming years.”

-President David Stout

Michael Desch to Pursue Mechanical Engineering at NJIT

“Don’t hesitate to reach out to faculty and ask about courses, internships or even job opportunities. Professors here want to see their students succeed and are committed to passing on their knowledge and experience to the next generation.”

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Jessica Salazar-Aparicio Looks Toward Career in Aviation

“Attending Brookdale has been one of the best decisions I have made. Coming from high school and being undecided on my major to knowing exactly what I want to pursue as a major was a huge step for me. The professors were a great influence on the direction I chose in my major. All of my engineering, physics, and math professors were so passionate and great at teaching. Their passion became mine. The academic experience at Brookdale is excellent, it’s a supportive environment and the cost is affordable.”

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Delgira Samtonova Aims to Blend Music with Psychology and Counseling

“Brookdale has been an incredible experience. It’s given me everything I needed academically, artistically, professionally. Aside from achieving my academic goals with the help of the wonderful professors and learning assistants, Brookdale helped me build my leadership skills and gave me opportunities to have fun while collaborating with so many people.”

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