Employee Update March 27, 2020


I hope everyone is staying safe and continuing to follow the Governor’s Executive Order (EO) to slow the community spread of the virus.  When you are out, please be vigilant to remain 6 feet apart from others.  Until the Governor lifts the Executive Order, we will continue to operate remotely with limited access to building ONLY by those who are identified to conduct functions that are critical to keeping the college operational AND approved by the President to report on site.  If a person needs to be on site on a single occasion to pick up or drop off items needed to run a class, for example, this also needs the President’s approval during the Governor’s executive order.  Casual/unauthorized visits on site are not permitted.

This week, we asked SELT members to identify those employees required to be on campus for functions that are critical to keeping the college operational in order to provide a letter of authorization to those approved.  Your letters will be in your email within 24 hours.   As noted above, to ensure that we are following the EO, even one-time visits will require the President’s approval and 24 hrs notice from the President to the Police Department.  You should retain the notice of approval in case of a traffic stop AND, if requested, to verify your approval to the BCC police who will be asked to open a building.  Please contact your SELT member if you absolutely need to be on campus and wait for an approval before making the trip.


Effective immediately, all cost sharing for emergency room (in or out of network hospitals), urgent care (in network), or provider office visits (in network) associated with medically necessary testing and treatment for COVID-19 are to be waived. Horizon BCBSNJ and Aetna have been directed to inform contracted providers about the waiving of cost sharing. Also, all Telemedicine and Telehealth visits will have no member cost share for covered services provided by an in-network health care professionals including primary care doctors, specialists, therapists, mental health and substance use treatment professionals, or urgent care doctors.

Also, OptumRx has been directed, effective immediately, to lessen restrictions on early refill of prescriptions and remove other potential barriers to prescription drug coverage for maintenance medications so that individuals continue to have access to medically necessary medications.

For more information and FAQs, the full notice from the Division of Pensions can be found on the SharePoint HR benefits page or click on this link:  https://share.brookdalecc.edu/info/benefits/PublishingImages/Pages/default/NJDPB%20COVID19.pdf


As noted in the March 23 announcement, new federal legislation was signed into law to support employees through the COVID pandemic.  A new bulletin was released yesterday that summarizes the law, which takes effect on April 1, through Dec 31, 2020.  To meet the requirements of the law, this bulletin was sent separately via broadcast on March 27 and will be included on the COVID page.


  1. Please assure the student/employee that their health is their first concern and that we care about them.
  2. For Students: let them know that arrangements can be made with faculty to complete missed assignments so they can complete the course successfully.   For Employees: let them know that they can use accrued time to remain in a pay status and that there are leave protections for them beyond that in most cases.  Michelle Kneute is their resource for this information (mkneute@brookdalecc.edu)
  3. Students should notify their faculty members. Offer them assistance if they need it to identify their instructors.   Employees need to notify their supervisors.
  4. Let them know that the Department of Health will contact them to determine notification requirements for others who may have been in close contact with them during a period of contagion.
  5. Let them know where to find the resources needed for support – Counseling, tutoring, etc. for students: The information is with the student FAQs on the BCC COVID page: https://www.brookdalecc.edu/advancement/college-relations/brookdales-response-to-covid-19/information-for-students/   near the bottom of the FAQs.  For employees, the information is listed above in this document and also can be found with the employee FAQs on the BCC COVID page:  https://www.brookdalecc.edu/advancement/college-relations/brookdales-response-to-covid-19/information-for-employees/  it is just above the FAQ section of the document.
  6. For those receiving notification about students: Please notify AVP Yesenia Madas with the student’s name and date of notification and if provided, when the student was tested and when the positive test results were received.

For those receiving notification about employees:  Please notify AVP Pat Sensi with the employee’s name and date of notification and if provided, when the employee was tested and when the positive test results were received.

Thank you for your assistance with this!


As the reality of the situation hits home for all of us, please remember that there are resources to help.  In addition to the support of family and friends, the following resources are available to all employees:


As you may know, Brookdale Community College has partnered with the Charge Group to provide personalized nutritional information to employees.   Our Charge nutrition expert, Nicole, is offering virtual 1-on-1 sessions to help you carry on with your health goals from home during this stressful time.   Charge offers custom guidance to help you make the most of your pantry items, learn about immunity health and keep your fitness on track.

If you have met with a Charge dietitian previously, click here to schedule a session

If you are new to Charge, complete this form for more information on how to get started.

**If you currently have a scheduled visit, Nicole will be reaching out to provide information about logging into the virtual meeting platform.


A number of employees have asked for contact information/virtual meetings with their pension investment advisors.  Below is information on webinars and contacts to schedule virtual meetings.

The investment providers are also preparing webinars open for viewing by all employees to address this volatile market and review other investment topics.

Webinar details:


Maryann L. Bradford, AIG
VALIC Financial Planning Advisor
Tel: 908-470-4114 Cell: 732-832-5346 Fax: 866-568-6475
Email: maryann.bradford@aig.com


Elise Ornstein
Regional Managing Consultant MetLife Resources| MetLife Holdings
Tel: 908-487-4846.  Email: elise.ornstein@metlife.com


Robert Rooyakkers, CFA, CRC®
Senior Retirement Counselor, State of New Jersey Retirement Plans | Prudential Retirement
Cell: 732-587-8331 Email: robert.rooyakkers@prudential.com
WebEx virtual meeting room: https://pruretirement.webex.com/meet/robert.rooyakkers


Kristen Roldan
Financial Consultant | TIAA Financial Solutions
Tel: 609-243-6066 Email: Kristen.demuth@tiaa.org


Eric W. Seiferth, CRPC
Financial Advisor, Voya Financial Advisors, Inc.
Tel: 267-468-7098 Email: eric.seiferth@voyafa.com


Kevin Bohichik
AXA-Advisors, Financial Professional
Cell: 908-692-5454 Office: 732-452-7312
Email: Kevin.Bohichik@equitable.com

Mass Mutual

Ted Hoffman
Wealth Manager, Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC
Tel: 848-248-4174 Email: thoffman@gittermanwealth.com

Susan Migliorino
Client Services, Gitterman Wealth Management, LLC
Tel: 848-248-4405 Email: smigliorino@gittermanwealth.com