Pandemic Planning and Response


To define contingency plans, the organization of resources, and the establishment of protocols that will be needed, in the event of a pandemic outbreak. Brookdale Community College’s pandemic plan will be employed to ensure that student instruction and critical services/operations are not unreasonably disrupted and that employees/community members are provided with the means to protect themselves and help prevent or mitigate the spread of infection.

General Information

Area that may be affected:


Possible reasons for a pandemic:

Warning signs of a pandemic:

Incident Commander

Vice President for Learning

Pandemic Coordinator

Chief of Police

Incident Command/Emergency Operations Center Location

The Incident Command Center is located in the Administrative Conference Room.  The back-up center is the Gorman Hall Conference Room. If circumstances/unsafe conditions prevent assembly, then phone conferencing will be used for remote communications.

Key Personnel

Plan Activation

The plan is activated whenever proof or information is attained which would lead a reasonable person to believe that a pandemic may be at hand.

Incident Commander Roles

Plan Responsibilities

Communication re: Preventive Measures and Pandemic Status

 Initiate the following measures if a pandemic exposure/infection is confirmed:

Essential Personnel Identified

A list of ‘essential personnel’ for a pandemic event will be devised for the College, to ensure that operations continue. Departments need to establish a command protocol within their unit that is at least ‘three deep’ with their personnel, so essential functions/Continuity of Operations can be managed.  The essential personnel for a pandemic plan may be different than that from other types of College emergencies.  At minimum, personnel within the Finance, Facilities, Police, Learning, and Administration departments need to establish these roles and persons.    A protocol will be established for communications to the Police when essential personnel are on site.

Public Health Orders, including quarantines, may be put in place by the appropriate authorities, and the College will abide by such Orders. State and local public health authorities may also prescribe conditions upon individuals [like ‘active monitoring’ or ‘conditional release’ from a quarantine, and/or ‘controlled travel’], as they see fit.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Flexibility for employees and staff who may be subject to isolation or quarantine

 A. Employees

B. Students

Timely reporting of Pandemic Exposure While Maintaining Confidentiality in Compliance with the ADA and FERPA

Put Protocols in Place for Addressing Student Refunds

First, take actions to minimize drops and refunds:

If refunds are requested:

Establish Protocols for Business Continuity

Every department on campus submits its business continuity plan

Ensure that Finance and Business Operations are prepared


Facilities/Fire, Safety & Compliance:

Plan Termination

Brookdale Community College, through advisement of the New Jersey Department of Health and/or the Monmouth County Regional Health Commission #1, will announce when it is safe to resume normal activities.  The Incident Commander will cause notifications to be made to the community.

Plan Recovery to Deal with Business Operations Consequences