Promotional Vehicles

An overhead view of students walking across campus

News Room

Brookdale’s Newsroom at is the place to look for stories that appear in the news, press releases, features on faculty and staff, event photography, and the Speakers Bureau.

Submissions: Contact details to be announced when position is filled.

Weekly E-Mail Broadcast

The weekly (more often as required) e-mail blast is a brief overview of newsworthy items emailed to Brookdale staff and faculty.  Submissions are encouraged, as are pictures or attachments relating to the subject.

Submissions: Contact details to be announced when position is filled.

Plasma Screens

The College has plasma television screens located throughout the Lincroft campus and at our regional locations. We will create a slide for your event, service or other promotion. Please use the form to submit information about your event, along with any pictures or artwork you may have. The slideshow changes every other week (less frequently in summer months).

Submissions: Promotion Request Form

LED Signs

The LED signs at Brookdale’s two entrances are designed to publicize events held on the Lincroft campus, as well as closings and/or emergencies. Type space is limited to 3-5 lines of text with no more than 18 characters per line (maybe less depending on the size of the font), and should state the name of the event, the campus location, and the time and date. If featured, events will generally appear 2 weeks before the scheduled event date.

Submissions: Anthony LaGaipa

Website Homepage  

The main slide show on the website homepage features high resolution photos of Brookdale “image.” Underneath, the smaller carousel is used to feature events or services that need promotional push. Please use the form; if space permits and the topic is Brookdale-related we are happy to oblige.

Submissions: Promotion Request Form

Website Events Calendar

The homepage of the Brookdale website has an Events Calendar feed. Please use the form to submit complete details about your (open to the public only, please) event for inclusion on the online College Calendar.

Submissions:  Add My Event to the Calendar

Broadcast Emergency Messages

Broadcast emergency emails are used only when necessary. They are meant to call attention to something of immediate importance to the entire College community. Examples of items suitable for broadcast are: a power outage, a road closing, a critical deadline, etc.  Broadcast messages are not used to announce events. Please keep in mind that failure to plan for the sufficient publicity of an event does not make it eligible for broadcast.

Submissions: Contact details to be announced when position is filled. 

Meanwhile, please contact the President’s Office at 732-224-2204 or in a true emergency dial 911 for campus police.

Twitter and Facebook (and other social media)

College Relations manages the institutional Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google +, and Instagram accounts. We welcome submissions. For Facebook, please keep your posting less than three sentences; photos and artwork are welcome if less than 4MB in size.

Submissions: Contact details to be announced when position is filled.

Press Releases

College Relations will create and disseminate press releases about an event or news that affects/promotes the entire college. If an event, please contact us at least 6 weeks before your scheduled event and provide us with all pertinent information.

Submissions: Contact details to be announced when position is filled.