Brookdale is committed to serving students and the community through innovative teaching, a dynamic curriculum, a supportive learning environment, numerous partnerships, and activities to promote student and community engagement. To further its commitment to students and the community, the College and the Brookdale Foundation offer the Brookdale Innovation Grant (BIG) competition to enrich and improve the teaching and learning process. All regular employees are encouraged to apply.

Purpose of BIG

Track 1-BIG Grant: Brookdale Innovation Grants (BIG) provide employees the opportunity to develop new and innovative projects that bring promising research and proven practices to the college to better engage students, enhance teaching and learning, streamline college processes, and positively influence student success measures.

Track 2-BIG OER Grant: This year BIG funding has been allocated for OER (Open Educational Resources) to help faculty find, adopt, adapt, and spread OER across all Academic Institutes. OER projects require collaboration with the TLC and Library and should target high-enrolled classes to ensure cost-savings to the greatest number of students.

If you have a “BIG” idea you would like to explore or if you have questions regarding the application process, contact Laura Qaissaunee or Dinneen Jackson. Funding for BIG is provided by the College and the Brookdale Community College Foundation thanks to a generous donor.

Funding Availability

Total Program Funding: $20,000
Track 1 – BIG Grant: 4-5 awards anticipated, ranging from $2,000 to $3,500, all regular employees eligible
Track 2 – BIG OER Grant: 10 awards of $1,000 maximum, all full-time faculty are eligible


Brookdale Innovation Grant Application