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Alumni Association Fundraiser: Help a Hungry Student

It’s no secret that life as a college student can be stressful – studying for exams and keeping up with coursework while balancing responsibilities at home and work is challenging.

Today, however, a strikingly high number of community college students are attempting to meet all of these obligations on an empty stomach. According to recent nationwide studies, as many as 50 percent of all students at some colleges and universities struggle with food insecurity, meaning they do not have reliable, daily access to food.

A 2015 survey of 2,000 community college students found that 20 percent of all respondents went hungry on a daily basis, while 13 percent were also homeless.

“The stereotype of the ‘starving student’ is a very real issue,” said Synde Kaufman, administrator of Brookdale’s English as a Second Language (ESL) program. “The problem is particularly acute at community colleges across the country. A recent Inside Higher Education report found that 25 percent of students at two-year community colleges have a very low level of food security. Knowing that 1 in 4 of our students may not have enough to eat, how do we expect them to succeed in their classes?

“It is our hope that by providing a place for these students to go to get basic nutrition, they will no longer have to worry about food and be able to fully concentrate on their education,” Kaufman said.

Funds raised in this online campaign sponsored by the Alumni Association will allow us to help “Hungry Hands” provide needed food to students in need. Our goal is $3,000 in order to provide basic “grab and go” healthy, high protein snacks at our Lincroft, Freehold, and Wall locations.

A brief synopsis of this college-wide initiative is here or you can go directly to our fundraising page on crowdrise to make your donation. Even the smallest of donations will help us achieve our total goal – thank you!