Criminal Justice Degrees

Brookdale offers the following degrees and certificates in Criminal Justice; click on any degree to read more in our online catalog.

Criminal Justice Program, A.S.

The Criminal Justice program is both a transfer and a career program. Students can go on to earn a B.A. Degree or take courses in an effort to find employment. The study of criminal justice provides an opportunity to learn about issues and problems in society’s response to crime. Coursework also seeks to provide particular career-oriented skills. Career opportunities exist in law enforcement, court administration, corrections and security.

Criminal Justice Program A.S. – National Security Studies Track

This is a track within the Criminal Justice A.S. Program designed for students to transfer to the National Security Studies Bachelor’s degree program at New Jersey City University.

Criminal Justice Program, Corrections Option, A.S.

The Corrections Option is aimed at providing students with the skills and knowledge to enter a career in institutional or community-based corrections. The tremendous growth of prisons and the prison population has resulted in career opportunities in corrections for criminal justice majors. A similar expansion of community-based corrections has occurred to stem the prison building boom and reduce the cost of institutional corrections. Career opportunities in community-based corrections provide an opportunity to incorporate psychological and sociological course work in the criminal justice program. The Corrections Option is designed to provide alternative curricula for students who are interested in a career in law enforcement. Because transfer requirements vary, students should identify transfer schools as early as possible and work closely with counselors to insure selecting appropriate courses for smooth transfer.

Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program, A.S.

The Homeland Security and Emergency Management Program will prepare students to continue their education to earn a B.S. degree or to enter the workforce. Students in the program learn about issues and problems in society’s response to terrorism and emergency situations. Coursework provides particular career-oriented skills for career opportunities in courtrooms, Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE), homeland security, emergency management, border patrol and national corporate security.

Criminal Justice Academic Credit Certificate

The Criminal Justice Academic Credit Certificate is designed for individuals seeking a career in law enforcement and public safety. This certificate provides an understanding of the criminal justice systems and protocols. Students will develop career oriented skills in physical fitness and emergency response. Students completing the certificate may apply credits toward the Criminal Justice A.S. program.

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