Criminal Justice Faculty & Staff

Barbara Gonos, Professor
MAN 117A
732-224-2541  •

Tom Kapsak, Assistant Professor
MAN 112B
732-224-2539  •

Guy Pellicane, Professor and Department Chair
MAN 112B
732-224-2105  •

Jacquelynn Seely, Assistant Professor
MAN 115
732-224-2557  •

The following is a partial list of part-time faculty who currently teach for us in Criminal Justice. If you need to contact or leave a message with any of the following faculty members, please call the Business & Social Science Institute main office at 732-224-2336.

Robert Adochio
Nicholas Barbella
Ralph Cretella
Eugene Hannafey
William Hartung
Guy McCormick
Steven Padula
John Pinto
Joseph Rizzo
James Roese
Dennis Sherman
Steven Tallard