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Brookdale’s Chapter-The National Society of Leadership & Success

NSLS LogoWhat is The National Society of Leadership and Success?

The Society is the nation’s largest leadership honor society. Students are selected by Brookdale Community College for membership based on academic standing and leadership potential. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction. With 509 chapters, the Society currently has 571,886 members nationwide.

In addition to honorable distinction, the Society provides a step-by-step program for members to build their leadership skills through participation at Brookdale Community College or online. Click here for more information on those steps.  Upon completion of the program, members receive their leadership certificate and take their place among the top student leaders at Brookdale and across the country. Members are able to list their affiliation on all statements of personal accomplishment, including their resume.

Membership is for life and provides access to benefits including scholarships and awards, exclusive on-campus events, employer recruitment through an online job bank, and discounts on computers, textbooks, grad school prep courses, insurance and much more.

NSLS FAQs This site features select video content from some of the Society’s greatest guest speakers — successful people with brilliant minds who also exhibit incredible leadership. By showcasing snippets of longer video clips (reserved for members only), we aim to familiarize our audience with the Society’s core belief, “that one can achieve one’s dreams with the proper support and dedicated action, and that we accomplish more together than we would achieve alone.” We also aim to highlight the main benefits of membership: community action, volunteerism, personal growth and strong leadership from its chapters and members. This site features the latest research findings and news on 21st century career topics like tech, entrepreneurship, economy, politics, law and more. Our team will post frequent leadership content as it relates to college students and graduates, creating a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together to learn and support each other. We aim to make this site an invaluable resource for those seeking out practical tools for leadership and success.

Who is invited to be a member of the Brookdale Chapter of NSLS?

As of 2017, Brookdale Community College students are invited to become a member of Brookdale’s Chapter of The National Society of Leadership & Success by meeting a 2.75 GPA; completion of a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 30 Brookdale Community College credits;and matriculated into a degree-seeking program.  Due to the nature of the Society’s programming, students must be at least 18 years of age and attending classes at one of Brookdale’s locations (Lincroft, Freehold, Hazlet, Neptune, Wall, Long Branch, Culinary Center).  Online only students – please contact us for additional information.

I received an invitation, now what?

If you have received an invitation to become a member of The National Society for Leadership & Success, congratulations! This is a great honor and we are excited to have you as a potential member! If you have questions about The Society and questions about your membership, please contact our department at for more information. You can also attend an orientation session to learn more about the benefits of joining!

How can I learn more about the Brookdale Chapter of NSLS?

Join us at a club meeting or email us at

You can also read more about what our chapter has accomplished by clicking on any of these news stories:
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Spring 2017 Inductions; Fall 2016 Inductions; Spring 2016 Inductions

New Member Orientation Sessions

All members must attend one orientation session.  During orientation, we will give you access to all the information you need in order to successfully complete the steps for inductions as a member.  You will also learn more about The National Society of Leadership & Success and meet the Executive Board as well as the Chapter Advisors.  We look forward to meeting you!

Fall 2019 New Member Orientations will be held on:

Tuesday, September 17, 2019 at 5:00pm in the Twin Lights I & II rooms of Student Life Center, Lincroft Campus                                                                                                                               Thursday, September 26 at 12:00pm in the Twin Lights II room of the Student Life Center, Lincroft Campus

Please RSVP in the Calendar of Events section of the Members Area on (you will need your login information for this). If you would like to attend the orientation session before you commit to membership, please email your attendance to

Program Requirements/Steps to Induction

Attend One (1) ORIENTATION session
This should be your FIRST event for new members. The chapter introduces the steps of the leadership development program for members and the schedule of events for the semester.

A leadership development session for members to identify their individual passions, purpose, and action steps towards these objectives.

Students are assigned into small groups and meet bi-weekly to set goals for their future success. Members hold each other accountable for taking action steps towards their goals.

Live and pre-recorded video broadcasts of leading figures delivering success-related messages to our members.

You will need to RSVP to all events in the Calendar of Events section of the Members Area on (you will need your login information for this)

Views and opinions expressed through content and speakers of the National Society of Leadership and Success are solely those of the individual and not those of Brookdale Community College.  Adult content may be discussed.

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