Leadership Development Workshops

Fall 2017 Career & Leadership Development Workshops

This series of workshops will introduce students to Career Readiness Competencies.          Please click here for room assignments and to RSVP.  Spaces are limited!

9/25 at 5:00pm: Creating Your Vision and Setting Your Goals with Sarah McElroy & Jill Donovan, Career & Leadership Development.  Have you envisioned what your future will look like?  Let us help you put your dreams on paper and learn the value of creating and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.

 9/26 at 12:00 pm: Leadership and Emotional Intelligence with Bonnie Ross, Assistant Professor, Nursing.  Learn the basics of Emotional Intelligence and how you can use yours to become more aware of yourself and your role as student leader!

10/12 at 12:00pm: Will Your Skills Pay The Bills? with Sarah McElroy & Jill Donovan, Career & Leadership Development.  Join us as we discuss what it means to have a transferable skill and why it’s important for your future career!  Learn how to identify your transferable skills and how you can market those to enhance your resume!

10/24 at 5:00pm: Leadership and Problem Solving: Approaching problems through a lens of opportunity with Laura Qaissaunee, Director, Grants & Institutional Development. Great leaders are, at their core, great problem solvers. The session will break down the steps of problem solving from framing the issue, to identifying a range of possible solutions, to carrying out the best course of action. Identifying opportunities and focusing on the positive aspects of working through an issue is also a part of this process. By understanding the basic elements in the process, you will be on your way to finding solutions to the challenges as well as the benefit of new opportunities.

11/8 at 5:00pm: Presenting an Idea: You Have Three Minutes with Howard Miller, Associate Professor, Speech.  Whether during a formal speech or in discussion of an important point, you likely only have a short window where you can keep the attention of the audience and get your point across. This workshop will help you distill your thoughts quickly and efficiently whether you’re just explaining or trying to convince.

11/16 at 12:00pm: Strategies to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills in the Workplace and Beyond… with Barbara Burke, Adjunct, English.  This workshop will help you identify, define, and apply successful techniques to problem-solve various workplace and everyday life situations.  As an introduction, this format can equip you with engaging hands-on experiences and provide sources and references for future inquiry.

12/7 at 5:00pm: Six Degrees of Separation: The Skill of Professional Networking with Anna Lichnowski, Testing Services.  When it comes to beginning a career, who you know becomes as invaluable as what you know from your college education.  This interactive workshop details the art of professional networking.  Join us to discover the power in developing your connections!

12/14 at 12:00pm: Making the Team Work with Kristin Worthley, Admissions Representative and Tarin Varvar, Associate Student Services.  Join us for a fun, interactive workshop where we will explore team dynamics.

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