Leadership Development Workshops

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Spring 2018 Career & Leadership Development Workshops

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February 5 at 5:00pm: Creating Your Vision and Setting Your Goals with Sarah McElroy & Jill Donovan, Career & Leadership Development.  Have you envisioned what your future will look like?  Let us help you put your dreams on paper and learn the value of creating and setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.

February 13 at 12pm: Self-Care for College Students with Dinneen Jackson, Coordinator Grants, Grants Development.  College can be equally exciting and stressful. One way to manage the constant ups and downs of college life is to practice “self-care,” simple activities that can help reduce stress and enhance your quality of life. Research shows that, in addition to keeping you healthy, it can also improve your overall well-being.  The regular practice of self-care helps you manage the daily stresses in your life—the academic pressures, interpersonal relationships, and uncertain future plans. Come and create a self-care plan designed just for you!

February 15 at 12pm: True North with Joan Scocco, Director Accelerated Technical Institute & Operations, Continuing and Professional Studies.  Let me share with you some of the best advice I ever received: I was a young banking executive working on Wall Street.  One hot summer afternoon many years ago while riding the New York City subway with my boss, I asked him how to overcome my shortcomings, and in what ways I could improve myself. He said “Joan, forget about what you are not good at. You will waste a lot of time and energy; you’ll never be good at everything. To be successful, truly successful, figure out what you are good at and make sure you do a lot of it.”  This program will guide students to discovering their “inner compass”, to help them find the path that resonates with them, their “True North”, a path that will bring them joy and success. 

February 27 at 12:00pm: Appreciative Inquiry with Dr. Yesenia Madas, Dean Freehold CampusJoin us as we learn more about the essential elements of Appreciative Inquiry. Come learn how using this framework can generate positive, sustainable change in organizations, teams or individuals.  

**March is Career Month! Please join us for all career related workshops – click here for more information**

March 29 at 12pm: What’s Your Leadership Style? with Jennifer Winn, Career Representative,  Career & Leadership Development.  Knowing your style of leadership will help you become a more effective leader.  Join us to discover your specific style and learn how to use it to better understand your leadership skills.

April 5 at 12:00pm: Understanding Group Dynamics:  How to Become a High-Achieving Organization with Bill Kelly, Career Representative, Career & Leadership Development.  This workshop will highlight the stages of group development, the roles individuals play, and how to form role balance for better group performance.

April 9 at 5:00pm Leadership and Emotional Intelligence with Bonnie Ross, Assistant Professor, Nursing.  Learn the basics of Emotional Intelligence and how you can use yours to become more aware of yourself and your role as student leader!

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