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Student Employment Program Supervisor Information

The Student Employment Program provides excellent opportunities for students to develop skills and experiences that will better promote their career readiness.

Expectations of a Student Employment Supervisor:


A primary goal of the Student Employment Program is for student employees to further develop their career readiness competencies. The student employee experience relies heavily on a supervisor’s ability to provide experiences that are meaningful and contribute to a student employee’s skill and career pathway development. Mentorship, through consistent feedback and evaluation, promotes a student’s ability to become aware of competency challenges and creates a foundation for students to collaboratively develop improvement strategies.

Training and Evaluation 

Supervisors must provide paid training to all newly hired student employees. Students should receive training documents and resources that outline procedures and expectations of the position. Weekly meetings are encouraged to provide feedback and to collaboratively develop improvement action plans.

We also ask that you encourage your newly hired student employees to complete the Career, Leadership and Transfer Pathways Student Employment Pre-Assessment Survey during their first shift and the Student Employment Post-Assessment Surveyduring the last scheduled shift. Completion of a Student Employment Performance Evaluation is also encouraged during a student employee’s exit interview.

Posting a Position

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All student employment opportunities must be posted on the Handshake platform. “Hidden jobs” hinder equity and inclusion of opportunity and undermines Career, Leadership and Transfer Pathways’ goal of mirroring the process of searching, applying, interviewing, and securing employment.

All positions should have a clear job description with clear expectations of the role and the responsibilities therein.

Please refer to the resources below for creating student employment positions.

Resource: “How to Write a Clear and Effective Job Description for Students in 2021”

Student Employment Job Posting Example: Career Peer Mentor

For more information please contact, Career, Leadership and Transfer Pathways office at and/or visit the Student Employment Program Canvas.



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