Students who are interested in working on or off-campus can utilize our online job and internship database: College Central Network. This is a great resource for students to find a part-time, full time, internship, volunteer, or on-campus job opportunity! This database is free for students and alumni!

I want to work on campus; now what?

All available on-campus positions will be posted in our online job/internship database at College Central. Please register as a student to view open positions. Keep in mind, positions are competitive, so apply early!

What do I need to be eligible?

To be eligible for both Federal Work Study and/or Student Help, students need to be currently enrolled for a minimum of 6 credits within a degree-seeking program. Federal Work Study eligibility is based upon financial need; the Financial Aid Office will assist you.

More information about Federal Work Study is available from the Financial Aid Office.

How will I know if I am Federal Work Study or Student Help?

The Financial Aid Office determines eligibility for Federal Work Study, and they will send you an e-mail if you are given a Financial Aid award. You will also see this award appear in your WebAdvisor account as an “FWS” award, typically in the amount of $4,000 for the entire academic year. If you are unsure of your status with Financial Aid, please contact our department.

If you are not eligible for the Federal Work Study program, then you may be able to work on campus as Student Help; however, Student Help positions are limited.

How do I apply for an on-campus job?

You will need to register for the online job/internship database at College Central, with a Student ID and password. You should attend an orientation or meet with a Career Representative to learn more about how to register for the database and apply to on-campus positions. If you have missed the orientation dates, please schedule an appointment with Career & Leadership Development. At the orientation, you will be required to create a Resume or Letter of Interest to upload to the online database to apply for positions.

I’ve applied online, interviewed, and have been hired, what do I do next?

If you have been hired by a department on campus, please schedule an appointment with Career & Leadership Development as soon as possible. You will NOT be able to start working until you meet with a representative in our office. To the meeting, please bring your original Driver’s License or picture ID, your Brookdale ID, and your original Social Security Card. (If you need a new Social Security card, we can provide you with information on how to obtain one).

Am I guaranteed a position?

No, unfortunately, positions on campus are in high demand and fill quickly. Make sure to check the online database frequently, as new positions may be posted during the semester.

Where can I work?

Students can work in various departments on campus, at our regional Centers, and at several off-campus community agencies.

How many hours a week can I work?

Students can work in various departments on campus, at our regional Centers, and at several off-campus community agencies. Students can work a maximum of 20 hours per week during the Fall and Spring 15-week terms and during summer terms. Note: Students can not work during the times of their registered classes, even if that class is cancelled or not meeting. Students must maintain at least 6 credits (2 classes) to work on campus, and all work hours will be scheduled around those class times.

How much will I make?

Student workers are paid an hourly wage based upon their position on campus, the level of skill/responsibility that position requires, and the training/supervision required of that position. Currently, there are 2 levels of pay for student workers: Level 1: $11.00 per hour; Level 2: $12.00 per hour. The online postings for each on-campus position will indicate the level of pay for that position.

How do I record my hours?

Your supervisor will have timesheets for you to complete.  You’ll need to make sure that these are filled out accurately and sent to the Payroll Office on time per the due date (5th and 19th of every month typically). Ensure that you do not have any cross-outs or incorrect dates/times on your timesheets!

How long is my contract good for?

Your contract is good for one academic year, from July 1st through the end of the Spring term in May. You will need to complete a new contract with our office each academic year, even if you continue in the same position. Keep in mind that if you are terminated from a position, your contract is terminated as well. A signed contract is not a guarantee of a year-long position. If funding is not available or termination occurs, your contract is voided.

When do I get paid for hours worked?

Once you have worked hours and submitted a timesheet, you will be paid on the 15th and 30th/31st of each month. You can enroll in direct deposit by visiting the Payroll Department and submitting the required bank information.

Career & Leadership Development • MAC Building, Room 105 • Brookdale Community College • 765 Newman Springs Road, Lincroft, NJ 07738 • P: 732-224-2792 •