Welcome to Brookdale’s Recreation and Events Center

Brookdale’s Recreation and Events Center (B-REC) is the newest addition to the College’s athletic complex, one of the best in New Jersey. Opened in 2010, this state-of-the-art facility includes the 9,000-square-foot Fitness Center and a multi-court gymnasium that provides additional recreation and event space for students and community.

The gymnasium on the B-REC’s lower level can be used for recreation, indoor practices and games, or for spillover event space. There are 6 basketball hoops, a batting cage, and a curtain divider in the facility; each can be lowered for play or raised to the ceiling when out of play. The curtain divider can be used to create two basketball courts.

All three courts (main and two side courts when the divider is down) are regulation collegiate size. The gym floor is also lined for volleyball matches; posts for volleyball or tennis nets can be mounted in the gym floor on each court.

The B-REC contains remote-powered bleachers on each side of the main court. At capacity, the bleachers seat 1,100 spectators. It’s a great location for indoor practices, recreation and intramural activities, and local community events.

Have a specific question about the B-REC?  Contact Event Management at 732-224-1867.