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  • NOTE: Specific rooms may be requests. However, rooms will be determined by the Scheduling Office based upon availability, type of event, and the applicant's logistical requirements. You must call Scheduling first to schedule your room. This form should not be submitted without this information.
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    A certificate of insurance is required for all events

    The applicant must obtain insurance coverage with an acceptable carrier, with personal liability of at least one million ($1,000,000) dollars and one hundred thousand ($100,000) dollars in property damage and provide a certificate of such insurance to the College before using the college facilities.

    Submission of this form does not guarantee a room reservation


  • I show by this agreement that I understand that I am not to advertise or in any way promote or publicize this program until I have received written approval from Brookdale Community College. I declare that I am an authorized agent of a responsible organization, and as such, make application to Brookdale Community College for the use of college facilities. I warrant that the applicant organization and members will observe all regulations of the College, and will pay promptly any agreed fees, and that the applicant will exercise the utmost care in the use of school premises and will make full restitution for any damage arising from the applicant's use of said premises. If the applicant organization is a Brookdale department or organization, I understand that my account will be debited automatically.

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