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Effective Business Writing

Don’t let small gaps in your business writing skills prevent you from reaching your full potential! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a clerical worker, an engineer, or an executive. If you communicate with others in writing, you need this course to help you identify and eliminate problem areas.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register.

Grammar Refresher

Whatever your goals, a grasp of English grammar is important if you want to improve your speaking and writing skills. This course will help you gain confidence in your ability to produce clean, grammatically correct work.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register.

Grammar Refresher II

Take your grammar and language skill to the next level, and master the building blocks of effective writing.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register.

The Keys To Effective Editing

Ask any published writer and you will hear that a good editor is not just helpful, but essential. If you aspire to be an editor, this copy editing course will teach you the fundamentals of top-notch editing for both fiction and nonfiction. If you’re already working as an editor, you’ll not only brush up on your skills, but will also learn about recent advances in your chosen profession. If you’re a writer, you will learn essential self-editing tools to give your manuscripts the professional look that publishers like to see.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register.

Writing Essentials

In this course, you’ll develop the skills you need to excel at business communications, express yourself clearly online. Whether you’re hoping to get a better job, write for a blog, or publish your short story, this course will give you the writing tools you need for success. It’s also a perfect choice for students who speak English as a second language.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register.