Computer Basics


Getting Comfortable With Your Computer

This easy-paced course is for the novice user, especially seniors with limited or no prior knowledge of the PC. Become familiar with hardware, software and technology. Learn some Windows and easy ways to work with files, folders and objects. Workbook included. 9 hours.
Sec 1: Tues, Jul 11- Jul 25, 9 am-noon  •  Wall Campus
Sec 2:  Sat, Oct 7-21, 9 am-noon • Freehold Campus
Fee and Code: $155, XCOMG 039MG 039

Windows 10

Make the switch from earlier versions of Windows. Learn to use the features and functionality of Windows 10 including apps and desktop applications. You will work with files and folders by using File Explorer and OneDrive and learn how to customize the Windows 10 environment. Discover how to install and remove peripheral devices and use Windows 10 security features to protect your device against common attacks. Workbook included. 9 hours.
Prerequisites: Previous exposure to personal computers, desktop applications, and the Internet is needed.
Note: The computers do not have touch screen capabilities. The mouse will be used for all exercises.
Tues & Thurs, Jul 11-Jul 18, 6:30-9:30 pm
Fee and Code: $165, XCOMG 055

Word 2016 Level 1

Learn how to use Word 2016 to make, edit and format documents, add tables and lists. Discover how to add design elements and layout options; and proof documents. Find out how to use the robust tools to perform repetitive operations efficiently using tools such as Find and Replace, Format Painter, and Styles. Finally, you will enhance lists by sorting, renumbering, and customizing list styles. Workbook included. 9 Hours.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows
Sat, Nov 4-18, 9 am-noon • Freehold Campus
Fee and Code: $165, XCOMO 289

Excel 2016 Level 1

Discover how to create and develop worksheets and workbooks in order to work with and analyze data. Topics include calculations modifying and formatting a worksheet and managing workbooks. Workbook included. 9 Hours.
Prerequisites: Knowledge of Windows and Word

Sec 1: Mon, Oct 2-16, 6:30-9:30 pm
Sec 2: Sat, Dec 2-16, 9 am-noon • Freehold Campus
Fee and Code: $165, XCOMO 290