Construction Management Certificate


Certificate in Construction Management

Instructor led, online, self-paced learning
Instructor virtual office hours to accommodate student needs

This program is for individuals:

  • Considering an entry level career change into construction management
  • Who have a desire to expand their current knowledge in the construction field, as well as construction firm owners, general contractors, laborers, designers, schedulers, suppliers, building
    trade professionals, and government officials
  • Interested in career advancement, business growth, and building business relationships within the construction industry

The Certificate in Construction Management requires the completion of all four courses in the program including:

Residential Construction Management Fundamentals:

− Securing projects, estimating, budgeting, scheduling
− Sustainability, relevant software, avoid potential project pitfalls
− Contracts, documentation, private vs government contracts
− Managing subcontractors, engaging architects and engineers
− Municipality processes, inspections, building codes
− Union vs non-union labor, and much more…

Construction Blue Print Reading:

− Residential construction prints-architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing
− Icons associated with, and what they represent, on different types of prints
− Introduced to the different types of software associated with creating drawings
− Understand necessary steps to complete projects on time and on budget, and much more…

Estimating For Residential Construction:

− Lays foundation for becoming a professional in construction estimating field
− How estimating plays a significant role in the residential construction industry
− Proper steps to perform this vital job function
− How different elements of estimating can benefit every project when performed correctly
− Introduction of the various software choices available to help estimate a project
− The way estimating affects the potential outcome of any project, and much more…

Project Management For Residential Construction:

− Learn how project management plays a significant role in the residential construction industry
− Obtaining permission for projects, building a project management team
− Estimating time associated with a project, budgeting, scheduling
− Dealing with time delays and budget overruns, change order process
− Introduction of various software choices to manage a project, including MS Project and Asana
− Establishing a charter, involving stakeholders in the process, and much more…

Each course – 15 hours
Self-paced, online course access for 12 months
Textbook(s) included with price of each course

Complete Series Fee & Code: $1200, XACTC 200
Fee & Code: $349, XACTC 201 (Residential Construction Management Fundamentals)
Fee & Code: $349, XACTC 202 (Construction Blue Print Reading)
Fee & Code: $349, XACTC 203 (Estimating for Residential Construction)
Fee & Code: $349, XACTC 204 (Project Management for Residential Construction)

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