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The Brookdale Alternate Route to Teaching – Community College (ART-CC) program provides aspiring teachers with a non-credit option to attain K-12 teacher licensing. The ART-CC offers a 400-hour preparation program for teacher candidates who already have a Bachelor’s Degree and Certificate of Eligibility (CE). This program allows you to attend classes while teaching full-time in the classroom.

Teacher candidates start with the 50-hour Introduction to Teaching Pre-Service course. The CE is not needed to begin the Introduction course, but the CE and employment as a teacher are required to move to the next 350 hours of training.

The CE will allow Candidates to seek employment as a teacher in a public, private, or parochial school.

Candidates must also participate in the Provisional Teacher Process to fulfill the NJ Teacher requirements. For more information about the Provisional Teacher Process, please visit

Brookdale is participating in the Department of Education’s Limited CE Pilot Program. See eligibility and additional information here:

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Introduction to Teaching

Enrollment for the Fall 2023 Introduction to Teaching course is now open. The 50-hour Introduction to Teaching Pre-Service course is the first step.

This first segment of the two-year training process is an introduction to the teaching career. Candidates will experience interactive lecture, observation, and clinical work experience to complete the 50-hour requirement. Topics include lesson planning, resume and interview processes, professional disposition and expectations, school law and ethics that impact effective teaching practices; all of which impact effective teaching practices. It also includes an introduction to assessment-driven instructional models, technology in education, and an overview of child development processes. The Alternate Route to Teaching licensing process will be introduced.

This course includes 30 hours of instruction (3 face-to-face Zoom sessions and 5 asynchronous sessions), 8 hours of classroom observation, and 12 hours of clinical experience.  Activities, such as tutoring or substitute teaching, will extend candidates the opportunity to work with students in an authentic environment. Collaboration with school districts will provide both a window of opportunity for the candidate and a potential recruitment tool for the district.

The Introduction to Teaching course is only for students pursuing licensure in one of the Instructional Certificates at this link: Students pursuing one of the Career and Technical Education Certificates at the above link must enroll in Brookdale’s Career and Technical Education Certificate of Eligibility Educator Preparation Program (CTE CE EPP). See more information about CTE CE EPP at this link:

Program dates coming soon!


Fee and Code: $295, XCART 001
Book: The First Days of School: How to Be an Effective Teacher (Book & DVD) 4th Edition by Harry K. Wong and Rosemary T. Wong, ISBN-13: 978-0976423317*

To move forward in the ART-CC program, students must submit the following documentation:

Remaining courses in the ART-CC program include topics such as classroom management, child and adolescent development – Theories and principles of development, neuroscience impact on teaching processes and classroom design, assessment processes, school law and ethics, literacy, diversity, and more.

The ART-CC program is regulated and approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.

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The Alternate Route to Teaching Program is designed for aspiring individuals who already have a Bachelor's Degree and Certificate of Eligibility (CE) and are interested in pursuing a K-12 license to obtain employment as a teacher in a public, private or parochial school.

Brookdale Community College does not offer a P-3 Alternate Route Program.
Please click here to contact your local county NJDOE office for a list of P-3 providers.

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