NJ Career & Technical Education Teacher Program


Do you want to pay it forward? Give back?

Take your years of job experience and be ready to teach in 12 weeks!

New Jersey’s Alternate Route Program is targeted to experienced career professionals who want to transition from business and industry to the world of teaching. Brookdale is proud to be the sole provider of the Career & Technical Education Educator Preparation Program in the state.

This two year, 400-Hour program is broken down into 7 stages. It is a hybrid program, meaning that 75% of the coursework is done online from home or work, with the remaining curriculum delivered face-to-face on Saturdays or evenings.

This sounds great – how do I get started?

You will start with our Stage I, the 50-Hour Pre-Professional Experience, which is designed to show you an overview of the entire process, explain the tools teachers use, and give you the in-class experience you need to succeed. All candidates enrolling in the program must begin with Stage I.


Stage I, the 50-Hour Pre-Professional Experience

The first stage of this process is the 50-hour Pre-Professional Experience designed to give candidates a snapshot of the demands of the teaching profession. It is presented in a hybrid format over a 12/13 week period, with two face-to-face cohort Saturday sessions. The first session will focus on orientation, online access, program policies and procedures, and initial classroom discussion and instruction. The second Cohort Saturday will be held on the 3rd or 4th weekend of the program. This session will focus on support for the candidate’s clinical experiences and the introduction of new teaching strategies. In addition to the two Cohort Saturdays, candidates will complete online lessons consisting of discussions, assignments and projects. This will cover 30 hours of the program instruction and give the candidate an insight to the skills, tools, discipline and strategies necessary for a new teacher to navigate diverse student populations. The remaining 20 hours will be devoted to the candidate’s clinical experience which will be explained in greater detail during Cohort Saturday sessions.

Once all criteria has been met the candidate will receive a Verification of Program Completion (VOPC) in order for a hiring district to enroll them in the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) Provisional Teacher Program (PTP), and will then be able to move forward in the certification process.

Stage I Registration Fee: $396.00*

* Note: Tuition is based on Brookdale Community College’s credit tuition rate and is subject to change.

For information:

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