New Pathways to Teaching



New Pathways to Teaching in New Jersey (NPTNJ) is a partnership between New Jersey City University and many of the New Jersey Community Colleges, including Brookdale Community College. NPTNJ offers a statewide alternate route teacher preparation program designed to provide candidates with the skills and strategies necessary to become excellent, successful teachers. Candidates can take NPTNJ coursework at Brookdale Community College, primarily in a hybrid program. The program provides a process for individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) to become licensed teachers without having to complete a traditional teacher training program. The NPTNJ program is regulated and approved by the N.J. Department of Education.

Candidates will submit all of the appropriate documentation to the N.J. Department of Education demonstrating that the requirements have been met to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) in the content area in which the candidate wishes to teach. The requirements for a CE include: College transcripts indicating a Bachelor’s Degree with a GPA of 3.0 or above; successful Praxis II exam score in the content area in which the candidate will teach; and a successful score on the Core Academic Skills test. The CE will allow the candidate to immediately seek employment as a teacher in a public, private, or parochial school.

Candidates must complete the 50 hour Introduction to Teaching course, accept an offer of employment as a teacher, subsequently enroll in the New Pathway’s 400-hour program which will be offered primarily in a hybrid format over two years while the candidate is working as a teacher, and enroll in the school district’s mentoring program. The N.J. Department of Education will provide the candidates with a provisional teaching certificate while they complete the 400 hour program.

For additional information about the New Pathways to Teaching program at Brookdale Community College, please contact Amy Yates at or 732-224-2158.




This pre-service course is framed around two critical areas: (1) an overview of and preparation for the skills and tools needed for the teaching profession; and (2) essential attitudes and dispositions needed to maintain poise as novice teachers in diverse communities.  The course’s primary intention is to provide a snapshot of teaching.  For instance, it addresses concerns related to personal expectations and actualities.  Moreover, the course prepares participants to begin their search for a new job. For many, this means understanding what schools are looking for in teachers, recognizing education buzzwords and preparing demonstration lessons.  This course is comprised of 50 hours including 30 hours of instruction (3 face to face sessions and 5 online sessions), 8 hours of classroom observation, and 12 hours of clinical experience.  The course will provide the participant with a “clinical” opportunity through structured observations in a school setting.  Collaboration with school districts will provide both a window of opportunity for the candidate and a potential recruitment tool for the district. In addition, 12 hours of clinical work such as tutoring or substitute teaching will offer candidates the opportunity to work with students in an authentic environment.

Fee and Code:    $295, XNPTN 004

Sat, Nov 4 – Jan 13 (3 face to face sessions – Sat, Nov 4 & Sat, Dec 9,  9:30 -11:30 am and Sat, Jan 6, 9:30 am – 12:30 pm and 5 online sessions)

SEMESTER ONE: (90 hours)

Offered as a hybrid and face to face.

May be taken for 6 graduate credits or non-credit. Candidates who choose to take the semester for non-credit will do the same work as those who opt for the credit option.

Focus on curriculum and methods, reading, the school curriculum, and edTPA.

Candidates will work with a Video Analysis Tool to prepare for certification.

Candidates may apply for a Teach Grant to cover costs of tuition.

Fee: Non-credit $1,115  6 credit option $4,165

Dates: Coming January 2018!

Email Amy Yates at for more information.