In as little as 12 weeks, your degree and/or work experience may qualify you for a career as an educator!

New Jersey’s Career and Technical Education Certificate of Eligibility Educator Preparation Program (CTE CE EPP) provides an opportunity for individuals with diverse educational, training, and employment backgrounds to become Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers. Brookdale Community College is New Jersey’s sole-provider of the 400-hour CTE CE EPP. The program is delivered in a hybrid format: most of the coursework is delivered online with the exception of mandatory face-to-face meetings designed as “Cohort Saturdays.” The program is a statewide alternate route teacher preparation program specifically designed for CTE candidates who are new to the world of education.

Getting Started

The program consists of 7 stages delivered over the course of approximately 2 years. All teacher candidates begin the CTE CE EP Program with Stage I, the 50-Hour Pre-Professional Experience. While candidates do not need a CTE Certificate of Eligibility (CE) or employment to enroll in Stage I, they will need both to advance to the later stages of the program.

Stage I introduces candidates to the demands of the teaching profession and is open to anyone who is seeking or has been issued a CTE CE. This first stage provides teacher candidates with an insight into the skills, tools, methods, and strategies necessary for a career in education. Upon successful completion of Stage I, candidates will be provided with information on their next steps.

Stage I sessions will be offered throughout the spring. For program dates, information on how to apply, or to determine your eligibility email