Professional Development for K-12 teachers

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Brookdale Education Networks

The Networks provide high quality, cost effective professional Development solutions. Districts pay a flat fee for an extensive menu of top tier, day-long workshops and webinars. For information call 732-224-2319. Membership has never been a smarter decision.

New Online Program For Teachers

Praxis Core Preparation

Develop the knowledge and skills you need to pass the Praxis Core Exam.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register

Solving Classroom Discipline Problems

Why do some teachers enjoy peaceful, orderly classrooms while others face daily discipline battles? The answer is that some teachers know the secrets to solving discipline problems. This course reveals those secrets and presents a step-by-step approach to effective, positive classroom discipline.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register

Creating the Inclusive Classroom: Strategies for Success

Get the training you need to reach the diverse mix of students you face every day – learning proven strategies for inclusion that turn diversity into opportunity.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register

Creating A Classroom Website

Learn how to create a classroom website in this fun, easy-to-understand course for teachers. In no time, you’ll build a site with text, images, animations, tables, links, and more. Then you’ll create a WebQuest and a blog to add to your site.

Fee: $115. Visit for more info and to register